How Women of Wearables won funding to deliver wearable tech workshops

This was my first time pitching for funding that I found after we were approached by Debbie to host a wearables workshop for her students! I hope you pick up some great tips of confidence for speaking to a crowd and pitching.

Original post By Michelle Hua @MadeWithGlove on

CEO, Debbie Edwards of FDisrupters, a start-up in Liverpool approached Women of Wearables to deliver our wearable tech workshop. The goal was to inspire 11 young girls aged 14-18 in her 14 week pilot program of workshops on confidence, self belief and tech skills.

As with most challenges start-ups face, Debbie was waiting for funding to enable us to deliver our workshops.

Our Wearable Tech Assistant, Rachael Yeung from Liverpool used her initiative and discovered a funding avenue through Awesome Liverpool.

Awesome Liverpool Logo

Awesome Liverpool is a chapter of the Awesome Foundation.  It is an ever-growing worldwide community devoted to forwarding the interest of awesome globally. Established in 2009 in Boston, the Foundation distributes $1000 grants to projects and creators.

In the UK, it is £500 and the money comes from 10 local Trustees who each put in £50 in a kitty for allocation each month.

There are 87 chapters in 20 countries world wide and disappointingly, there is only 1 chapter in the UK. But that’s why I think it’s fittingly called Awesome Liverpool.

After we secretly submitted an online form answering a series of questions about the brief on delivering a wearable tech workshop for FDisrupters and ensured that it fit the criteria of:

1.     Solves a problem

2.     Has a budget

3.     Keeping it local and most importantly,

4.     Bringing joy

we were shortlisted in the top 3 after 70 applicants had submitted!

Read the whole blog post on the Women of Wearables website here!

How Women of Wearables won funding to deliver wearable tech workshops

All that glitters might be gold – Sparkle outfits for the holidays

I love a little (or a lot!) of sparkles for the holiday season! After browsing through the new Selfridges app in hope of being on the list to be notified of the pre Christmas sales, I found Jenny Peckham that does a few amazing sparkle dresses for all body types! Check these out and chose the one that suits you.

For the Daring Sparkle

JENNY PACKHAM Sleeveless crystal-embellished gown dressing for the holidays christmas new years help outfits OOTD OOTN how to wear glitter sparkle ideas
Sleeveless crystal-embellished gown

It’s possibly going to be in minus degrees outside, but you love the sheer trend and if Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé and rock it. So can you! Wear with a bit of sass and turn the heat up in this tulle beauty.

For the Classy sparkle

JENNY PACKHAM Sequin-embellished silk gown dressing for the holidays christmas new years help outfits OOTD OOTN how to wear glitter sparkle ideas
Sequin-embellished silk gown

Do you have a fancy Christmas gala or theatre to attend? Be the belle of the ball in this beautiful silk gown! All eyes will be on you in this masterpiece.

For the Sassy Sparkle

JENNY PACKHAM Sequin-embellished silk dress dressing for the holidays christmas new years help outfits OOTD OOTN how to wear glitter sparkle ideas
Sequin-embellished silk dress

This dress seems quite understated compared to the previous, but this can be versatile with the length! Style under a skirt to change it up, and it’s the perfect length if you’re petite like me!

Pair all outfits with some plain shoes and minimal accessories to keep you from looking like a walking party! (Or go all out.. you wild thing, you!)

Let us know which dress is your favourite and which sparkle are you??

Too much glitz for your taste? Don’t worry, you can always jazz up a plain outfit with a sparkle in our next blog post ‘Holiday glitz shoes that you need right now!’

Feeling Festive!


All that glitters might be gold – Sparkle outfits for the holidays

Black Friday deals you need to know

It’s Black Friday tomorrow and some retailers have already started and are stretching out over this weekend up to Cyber Monday! Here’s some tips, tricks and discount codes that you NEED to take advantage of!

Selfridges Christmas Comes Early

Selfridges annual crazy sale has started today! Aside from Boxing day, this is something you NEED to take advantage of. Use the discount code ‘SELFCCE‘ for 20% off online or screen grab the barcode here to use it in store. Valid from 24th Nov – 27th. Unfortunately, not all brands are covered and it’s only 10% off beauty. Check out the excluded list here. It’s mostly the luxury brands that aren’t included e.g. Chanel, LV, Gucci etc.

VIPs get a notification a day early. But if you download the Selfridges app or follow them on social media you’ll be the first of the masses to know!

Here’s some great gift ideas for her, him, and me:


If you are looking for discounts on luxury designer brands then you need…

Black Friday at

Flannels is known as the shop on the high street that stocks only luxury designers, but online you can get 20% off everything with the discount code ‘BF20‘ and get an extra £40 off when you spend over £200! Here you can snap up a pair of classic coloured Jimmy Choos, or the latest Gucci wear.

Gift ideas for yourself (Classic investment piece), for her, and for me:

The best for beauty…

Harvey Nichols

Rewards member exclusive preview finished at 8pm today but the offer of 25% off extends to this weekend for everyone! You can get 10% off beauty and free shipping off everything on their website. Their loyalty card is a great way to earn points and get seasonal rewards if you love their exclusive brands.

Gift ideas for you (a lust purchase… party shoes?!), for her and him:

Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet

What’s better than Black Friday sales? Black Friday sales ON TOP of outlet prices! I signed up for the VIP card and also the invitation for the Black Friday offers pre sales, and one hour I was there was NOT enough! Unfortunately, there wasn’t any Black Friday offers that I was interested in but the sales they already had there already was amazing! 50% off everything on top of outlet prices at All Saints Outlet and 25% off everything at Radley Outlet, I couldn’t pass up some leather cleaning products that keep your leather in tip top condition! The Kooples outlet has just opened last Friday, and the cuts are just the prefect shape for my body.


Why don’t you ever see prestigious brands on sale like Chanel and Christian Louboutin?

Because their in such demand that they tend to sell out before much of it can make it to a sale. Also, their brand is so well known and their clientele is the rich, so they wouldn’t ever put a sale price on any items. Chanel tend to put everything away in the back, so if a customer requests anything they can bring it out right away.

Get cash back during your online shop

Save more shopping the sales from the comfort of your own home with TopCashBack. You shop through their website and receive cash back straight to your account! Unfortunately, it can take up to a month to receive the money and the majority of the time you cannot use it in conjunction with any other offers. It’s great if you’re renewing your insurance anytime soon or buying a new phone/Sky/broadband line.

Use this referral link here and receive a £5 amazon gift card!

Do you know of any great deals of shopping the Black Friday sale tips? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy bargain hunting!




Black Friday deals you need to know

Wearable tech | WOW Talks | Women in Tech event London

I’ve been a busy wearable tech assistant at work with MadeWithGlove and WoW UK Women of wearables! Check out what we’ve been up to.

WoW UK co-founder Marija Butkovic and Wearable Tech assistant Rachael Yeung exhibited at the WOW Talks TV’s first women in tech event on 20th September 2016 in London. Here is Rachael’s account of it all.

wearables tech assistant Rachael Yeung from WoW UK Women of wearables and MadeWIthGlove at the Women in Tech event in London hosted by WOWTalks
All of the school pupils were so intrigued!

Setting up the exhibit space in the morning with our brand new display banner as we braced ourselves for the crowd of inspiration hungry school pupils to arrive.  We were informed that there would be 400 school girls arriving to be inspired!

Check out what happened on the official Women of Wearables website written by Rachael Yeung and edited by Michelle Hua on 

Wearable tech | WOW Talks | Women in Tech event London

What they don’t tell you about the gym – 10 fun facts

Okay so the gym themselves aren’t lying, they’re pretty transparent. You just need to do your research before hand and quiz them before you join! It helps to be in the know of all the deals they have done previously, as joining mid-month in a quiet period can work out a lot cheaper.

Find out why I’m taking a more relaxed approach to fitness in my ‘A Flat stomach in three weeks?!‘ blog.

So I have joined Nuffield Health recently and I’m on a bit of a health kick. Turns out my metabolism still has it! Here’s a few things you find out after using it for the first time.

fun facts about the gym fitness blogger lifestyle Nuffield Health review funny womens health

10 Fun facts

  1. Your fanny will hurt after the first few times at spin class – Unfortunately, the seats don’t fit like a glove and rub in all sorts of places! But you get used to it after a few classes, just push through it!
  2. Personal trainers aren’t actually that scary – they want you to be healthier and look to encourage you!
  3. The huge tyre is heavier than it looks – it’s 60kg! I was almost moving something twice the weight of myself!
  4. The old grannies that go to step class aren’t frail – not one bit! In fact, they’d probably kick your ass! So don’t tick them off!
  5. You don’t need a protein shake – body builders will tell you that all that whey protein was a huge fad. You don’t need supplements as long as you’re getting the right amount of protein in your diet.

    fun facts about the gym fitness blogger lifestyle Nuffield Health review funny womens health
    Just abs of steel or trained assassin?
  6. The gym equipment is pretty gross – everyones pretty lazy and can’t move after a full on workout. So the gym equipment probably has the sweat of everyone before you on it. Thankfully there’s readily available cleaning products handy to clean them. Yes, I did get a smelly mat that smelt like cheesy feet!
  7. Big contracts don’t necessarily mean expensive – if you use the gym everyday it works out about £1-2 a day! Even then you get full use of all the facilities i.e. hello sauna and jacuzzi!
  8. Classes are actually a lot of fun – starting out can be a little daunting being the new person, but as with everything practise makes perfect!
  9. Gym wear is more important than it seems – it won’t just be aesthetically pleasing to motivate you more, but having sweat wicked away and the right sports bra makes a difference! Look good AND feel good whilst working out! How to chose your sports bra blog post coming next tuesday, follow us on social media to be notified
  10. You will feel a lot better – you’re less tired and have more of a drive to do things. Teamed with a healthy diet, you’ll have energy for days!

fun facts about the gym fitness blogger lifestyle Nuffield Health review funny womens health

But the gym is a fun way to stay healthy

So that’s a fun few facts for you after my first month in the gym, and my new shopping obsession is funky gear that’ll make my work outs a lot more chic! After trying out most of the classes so far I do enjoy the united feel, having peers not only motivate you but also challenge you in ways you least expect! I have always liked classes from my various dance classes from a young age, so when they started getting labelled ‘adult classes’. I bolted. No one clinging to their youth wants to admit they’re adults! So gym classes has filled that void for now. I haven’t quite gotten into solo training yet as it’s not quite my front, but I’m sure that will come in time after I pick up some routines!

Check out the heath benefits of regular exercise in my last health blog here.

Happy gym bunny :o)


What they don’t tell you about the gym – 10 fun facts

Guest blog: WTF | Wearable Tech Fashion | UV Sensor Hat

I have been busy yet again creating more wearable tech! This time it is a UV sensor hat that reminds you to reapply your sunscreen. With summer being quite hot this year, we definitely need to ensure we are sun safe!

I explain how I made the wearable tech UV hat with Adafruit’s instructions in my latest guest blog for WTF | Wearable Tech Fashion over on the MadeWithGlove website. Read it here or copy and paste the link in the quotes below:

” ”

UV Sensor hat blog title photo wearable tech wearabletech fashtech fashion technology wearables diversity MadeWithGlove Womenintech

Guest blog: WTF | Wearable Tech Fashion | UV Sensor Hat

All about the menstrual cup – The winning cup?

So you’ve probably heard about the menstrual cup or Moon/Diva Cup and wondered what all the revolutionary fuss is about, here’s some facts and tips to help you decide whether or not it’s for you.

What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a small silicon cup that you can use to collect your menstrual discharge and dispose of it discreetly. It is in the shape of a cone that fits snugly around the entrance of your vagina with an elongated ‘tail’ to help remove it easily. It has several ribs to keep it in place and small ‘breathing’ holes around the edge.

All About the Menstrual Cup Diva Moon women's health tampon sustainable eco friendly save money discount savvy girls health sanitary

Why should I use it?

Some women prefer it to the tampon as it works out a lot cheaper at around £20 a year compared to £60+ for the combination of tampons and pads! It’s also a lot more eco friendly as you will be disposing a lot less products that are difficult or dangerous in landfill. It’s been well known that you can safely wear a menstrual cup for a little longer than a tampon because there are no fibres linked to toxic shock syndrome involved, just surgical grade silicon! Read more about toxic shock syndrome on the NHS website here. If you are used to using tampons you’re halfway there already, so it’s worth trying one out!

Where do I start?

You pick the correct size based on the size of your vagina, this mostly depends on whether you have birthed naturally or not recently. So if you haven’t popped one out, go for the small; if you have created life recently, go for the next size up! Mooncup has a simple guide here.

When you see it for the first time you may be a bit taken aback on the size of it, but don’t worry; your body does amazing things! You fold the cup up once or twice and insert it like you would with a tampon. However, unlike a tampon that you put as far up as you can, the menstrual cup sits close to the entrance. This may be a new experience that may take some time and practise, but practise makes perfect! There are some great tips here. It helps to fully insert it and then gently pull down to the entrance whilst contracting to create a secure seal.

All About the Menstrual Cup Diva Moon women's health tampon sustainable eco friendly save money discount savvy girls health sanitary

How do I take it out?

This again takes some getting used to and finding a way that works best for you. Some people find pushing the cup to one side to release the suction and then pulling it from the tail will remove it without spillage. It can then be emptied into the toilet and rinsed/cleaned before reinserting. You shouldn’t need with change it when you’re out and about unless you have an exceptionally heavy flow, in this case you can just empty it and reinsert it. Carrying hand sanitiser around might help to clean your hands before you exit the cubicle looking like a massacre!

Ultimately, keeping calm and practise is key. Panicking will make your muscles contract and make life more difficult. So if you find yourself in that position, stop and try again later. If you find that you’re leaking whilst using it, make sure you have a secure seal by checking the holes are clear and the rim is not folded. Pantyliners can be used for insurance or a pad for the first few cycles so you can master it!

Not for you? Don’t worry, it’s not for everyone. Check out the last post on a few easy ways of being more sustainable here to cancel out your carbon footprint and keep using tampons guilt free!


All about the menstrual cup – The winning cup?