Debate: Societies Perception of Cosmetic Surgery (PT2)

In part 2 we will be focusing on society’s perception of cosmetic surgery, and looking outwards. If you missed part 1, check it out here.

How has it become more popular?

People have assumptions. When it comes to the medical field there’s a stigma that everything is super safe and that everyone is a professional, this makes them more lax about going through any medical procedure. Which potentially explains how some people still go ahead with a procedure and end up botched, even though there were many warning signs before. I mean… getting your nose job by your dentist??

How is it still not accepted?

Cosmetic procedure were originally resigned to just the top 1% of society and also for the standard reasons with the NHS (the patient needs it and it’s not purely for aesthetics) Which is why it might be that when some people spot an obvious procedure, they can be quite snobbish about it. Since then the prices have dropped and became more affordable with the new developments of technology, and relying less on skills.

Who’s accepting this?

We could point our fingers to the girls that tried the various ways of plumping their lips with the Kylie Jenner lip challenge , or just the vain group of society that is constantly picking apart their flaws to get the perfect selfie. I mean… the selfie procedure was an actual thing!

Dr from the Nuffield biomedical chair panel starting the discussion of plastic surgery and lip injections
Many fans sparked a dangerous viral ‘Kylie Jenner challenge’ Source – Twitter

But talking more openly about what cosmetic procedures you’ve had done in a more ‘relaxed’ society now, where people are standing up more for their beliefs and being less passitive is definitely causing more people to be aware.

Is it the more vulnerable in society getting cosmetic procedures done?

You might have seen a few cosmetic surgeries having their practices advertised on TV and thought ‘they’re really targeting the vulnerable people!’ They find something common that people have and tell them ‘yes, that’s terrible. Pay XXX amount to get that fixed!’ Sure, but who’s to say that the marketing team is just doing a brilliant job? They’re not the ones actually doing the procedures, they’re bringing all of the clients in! They’re putting bread on the table. Most people looking to get a procedure done are looking to do it as a confidence boost, they see something on their body that they went to change and this advertising preys on that. So should advertising be regulated more? They’ve currently banned this type of advertising in France. However, it’s still too soon to see if there has been much of an impact. Maybe people haven’t even noticed!

Dr from the Nuffield biomedical chair panel starting the discussion of plastic surgery and lip injections
We discussed in a casual group session the effects on society and who are the potentially ‘vulnerable’ people.

Who’s to pin the blame on?

This is a tricky one. You may have heard about surgeons being flown to a different continent to do their job, and that’s real. Some even have international agents, and more commonly the client will fly overseas to see a surgeon that a family member or close friend recommended. This makes the rulings of laws difficult as it makes them hard to track down, and define a local law.

So it seems it’s taken so long to crack down with the law because everything is a bit all over the place, and maybe putting a label on ‘vulnerable’ people and making them all admit to body image issues is a bit much. But you ultimately you can’t please everyone! So if you can accept what you already have then you will be a lot freer and happier in the skin your in.

Release yourself!


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Debate: Societies Perception of Cosmetic Surgery (PT2)

Beautiful bouquets from Prestige Flowers

We’ve had a wonderful opportunity to team up with Prestige Flowers to suprise my mother on her birthday.

2She likes flowers (even if she does has terrible hayfeaver!) and we tend to think outside he box sometimes. Not that she won’t enjoy being spoilt with a dozen red roses! But she likes inspirational bouquets too!

First looks of the mobile website is that it’s very clear and easy to read on a large screen. The website scrolls easily and the menus aren’t complicated.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 19.59.47I found the desktop website initially a bit crowded and hard to navigate, but I soon got used to it as the images mainly make you focus on their products, the flowers. Enabling the products to sell themselves with expertly arranged boquets.

I like how fruit boxes and other gifts are available, as Asians do sometimes prefer their fruit for gifts! My mother always says ‘ if in doubt, bring a bunch of oranges!’ when visiting Chinese relatives. It’s a sign of prosperity and luck. The Chinese word for orange sounds like gold, and the symbolisim is a long standing tradition!

3My mother enjoyed the suprise of the size of the bouquet and the orange from the sorbet and avalanche roses. The flowers came beautifully presented and wrapped in a luxury bag. It put a huge smile on her face for the whole day and I got a massive hug off her!

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Beautiful bouquets from Prestige Flowers

Off the Radar

Uh oh gaps in blog posts again! Still trying to find a possible regular posting time and working on new content. We’d love to know any suggestions or anything you would like to read about on the website, so leave them in the comments below or on our pages (links in the side bar->)

Funs things happening soon:

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Instantly make your A cups into C cups!


Off the Radar

Where’s the new post?

Don’t worry we haven’t disappeared!

We’re working on new and fresh content for the rest of the year and into 2016, with posts including:

  • How to feed a picky pet
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Where’s the new post?

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CLOSED | Circle lenses Giveaway! | CLOSED

Fathers day 21st June UK

Darn it’s Fathers day and you need to think of something fast for tomorrow!

Don’t worry we have a quick list of fail proof gifts that will bring a smile to his face.

Menkind are doing last-minute click and collect on their website, so you can run in and pick up what you have ordered.

For the tech lovers, drones are all the rage right now, and having the ability to attach a go pro is a perk to get some amazing shots.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 12.32.27
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If you’re a lucky one and have that extra day to wait for a next day free delivery for monday, get a gift for the inner pamper god from the suave MrPorter.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 12.41.07
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Or for the fashionable

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 12.49.35
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A bit tight on the budget? Back him a cake and get the icing pens out, two birds with one stone. Nothing lets your dad know that he’s the best father in the world than a handmade gift.

Happy Fathers day you wonderful dads, granddads and father figures alike!


Fathers day 21st June UK