Life so far being twenty something

So I recently hit twenty four and now I’ve realised I have to stop being a student and scrimping all of the discounts, life isn’t too bad after all. This is what I’ve learnt so far…

life advice for twenty somethings
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Don’t compare your life to others

If you really wanted to play that game then let me introduce you to the CEO of Snapchat who is on the list of the worlds youngest billionaires. Some people are just lucky, some worked their asses off, but ultimately they didn’t do it in a day, nor being unproductive and procrastinating. So get yourself out there and active with the community!

Start saving

Pay off your debts and start saving for a mortgage and your pension. The earlier you start the more money you’ll have to tap into when you retire. It seems a way off but if you think about it, just putting £1 away everyday can save up for many things! Struggle with budgeting? Download a budgeting app or do it the old fashioned way on pen and paper, there’s even printable booklets that you can DIY.

But get out of the country

If you’ve never left your door step, it’s the perfect time to go travelling. You may not feel the need to leave your bubble now, but get that travel bug out of the way whilst you can! Before you’re tied down with anything, take advantage of your freedom and spontaneity. Go and see sights that you think look amazing on the screen, actually being there in person always has a different effect that seeing it on a tiny screen.

Wear sunscreen

You always hear about it but the sun can damage the skin so badly, it doesn’t affect your tan and doesn’t hurt to slap a bit on before you head out of the house! Team it with a bottle of water in your bag for you to sip through out the day and your body will thank you for it!

Put yourself first

Never settle for the second best in anything, always try your best to work harder and even in terms of relationships. You’ll get to a point in your life when you realise you have to sift through your friend list and pick out the friends that you think are worth keeping in contact with. If there’s effort made on both ends, then you have a relationship worth keeping. Even romantic relationships, if you aren’t both seeing eye to eye with the priorities in your life then maybe it’s not the right time to be in a relationship. C’est la vie!

Go out there and get em!



Life so far being twenty something

When ‘the talk’ doesn’t have a happy ending

So you’ve been seeing this guy/girl for a while but you both haven’t had the serious talk about where you both stand, but what happens if it all doesn’t pan out as you had imagined?

Relationships rejection and having the talk about where you both stand in a relationship
Having the talk and realising you both aren’t on the same page is something we all need to clear up.

Firstly, if they’re beating around the bush and cannot commit. Be suspicious.

If they’re serious about you and being monogamous, it should be in black and white. But if they dither and starts making excuses, then maybe you should question whether they are actually able to fully commit and be serious. If they have so many doubts and problems at the beginning, then this can dictate what the rest of the relationship will be like. If you strip away all the sugar-coating and kind words, are his actions and body language saying the same thing?

Maybe it’s not the right time, especially if there’s someone else in the picture. Both of your feelings maybe running high, but rushing from one relationship to the next isn’t good for either parties. Having a clear mind whilst apart might make it easier to understand the situation.

Maybe it will be easier if you write it out if you can’t articulate it at the time.

If he rejects you on the spot after the talk with a lame excuse, then maybe he isn’t worth it. But never blame yourself. You can do better than anyone that belittles or uses you.

Although it may feel like it now, it’s NOT the end of the world. Everyone deserves someone who doesn’t take them for granted.

As cliché as it sounds, there really is more fish in the sea. And you aren’t going to meet them all sitting in one place! So check out why you should travel the world.

Whilst it may have been short-lived and ‘not a real relationship’ it may still feel like it was, so check out the 5 stages of a break up and how to get over it.

Have you ever had an un-happy ending? Do you have any great advice? Let us know in the comments below!

Just keep swimming!


When ‘the talk’ doesn’t have a happy ending