10 Things I learnt In Italy

During my recent trip to the north of Italy (and Switzerland) You can read about here, I realised quite a few things in my surroundings that’s different to life in the UK. Here’s 10 fun things that I learnt whilst in Italy.

      1. Italians really like to take their time and enjoy their food and drinks – every restaurant and cafe I went into, everyone was taking their time and enjoying each others company.travel blog north italy milan in a week photos rinniboo com
      2. Italians do actually eat a LOT of pizza and pasta! – The majority of people everywhere I went were eating a slice of pizza or a plate of fresh pasta!



  • Every angle of Lake Como is picturesque – I mean… LOOK AT IT!

    Travel blog - Italy in a week Milan Switzerland Lake Como Venice blog blogger Foxtown outlet shopping where to eat where to go day trips easy jet lastminute.com package holidays planning flying
    The views of Lake Como were breathtaking!
  • When you ‘walk a dog’ it actually walks you! – I’m going to assume Italian dog owners love their dogs so much they let them lead the walk.




    • Punctuality still isn’t on any Italians priority list – never was never will be!my-excuse-when-i-amp-039-m-late_o_2601093
    • You learn to love coffee and wine and how to drink it – always order a coffee after a meal!travel blog north italy milan in a week photos rinniboo com
    • Olives and ham aren’t actually supposed to be that salty – everything is so salty in the UK!



  • You can’t have too many vineyards – when you drive from Milan to Venice and pass through all the major white and sparking vineyards/wineries, you can’t NOT have a glass of wine!travel blog north italy milan in a week photos rinniboo com
  • Italians like to talk – it seems rude to get straight to the point, get to know them a little first.travel blog north italy milan in a week photos rinniboo com
  • Italians are pretty straight talking – they know what they want and how to get it!

But most of all, Italy is the most beautiful place I’ve visited and the culture there is amazing!

funny potato photo: Potato heart heartpotato.jpg
It was an image heavy post today. Here, have a cute potato ❤

Have you ever been to Italy? Or are you Italian yourself? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @RinnibooUK with the hashtag #WhatILearntInItaly

– Rinniboo

10 Things I learnt In Italy

From 2015 to 2016 – regrets, resolutions and dates to remember

I learnt A LOT in 2015, and in around 365 days I’d be worried if I didn’t! So here are some of the things I regretted, some resolutions for 2016 and some dates to put into your calendar!

  • I learnt that I hate working on special occasions; my birthday, at Christmas, New years, valentines day and my favourite holiday Halloween!

No, you will regret it even if you ‘only work during the day’. So I’m now vowing to never work on a day that I want to enjoy, and take those holidays I deserve! Which brings me onto my next lesson..

  • I will overcome my anxiety and ask for the holidays I want.

What’s the worst that could happen? They say no, and I work that day. Better to have asked than to never have asked and regret later, because you have to live with that regret.

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So my resolutions for 2016….

  • Take time to relax.

I love keeping busy and seeing my next pay check, but spending time with people you love and chilling out is good for your health. Even for a little retail therapy time! Working overtime back to back isn’t that great when you’re exhausted and dealing with stress, it all builds up and you break down eventually.

  • Spend time with friends and family more.

It’s hard keeping in touch when all of your friends move away after university. But if you all make an effort to meet up every now and again it’s like you only just met yesterday, and you pick up from where you left off. It’s difficult with everyones different schedules, but it’s doable if you all love each other enough!

  • Remember what I want career wise.

I might not know what I want exactly as my career, but not being side tracked by comfort in something is what I have to focus on. Getting stuck in a comfortable bubble or routine or even a job is easy, but it won’t get you your dreams! So challenge yourself and take a leap of faith, you’ll be leaving to do something you love and no one can be mad about that!

Dates for 2016…

  • Summer time officially starts on 27th March 2016, so summer and sunshine is closer than you think. The days are getting longer a little as you get closer to daylight saving time in the UK anyway, so hurray for sunlight.
  • So many amazing movies, Deadpool, The Secret Life of Pets.. and so many more.

Do you have any resolutions for 2016? Let us know how they are going in the comments below!

Cheers to a love of love, prosperity, and luck to a great 2016!




From 2015 to 2016 – regrets, resolutions and dates to remember

Why this photoshopped photo is going viral

There’s a photograph of The Only Way is Essex and Geordie Shore ladies Ferne McCann and Vicky Pattison on the most loved ITV jungle show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here being shared around the internet comparing them to editorial shots that they have done. People are pointing out the airbrushed differences and body shaming them for having too much Photoshopping done to the editorial images when they look so ‘real’ and ‘different’ whilst they were taking a shower in the jungle.

Photo of Fergie and Vicky from Geordie Shore is going viral but is it all just photoshop?
This photo of Ferne and Vicky from reality shows is going viral but is it all just photoshop and body image?

Let’s remind everyone that for glossy magazines and such photos that we always add some touching up to make the paper more sellable, it’s part of marketing. No one will buy a fashion magazine if all of the outfits in it look a mess!

Yes, the two ladies look a lot different on tv than they do on the photographs, but they are living human beings. Everyone can gain weight and have curves, but anyone can also have super toned abs.

Can we also remind everyone that these photographs were taken a while ago (approx May 2015) So I’m sure we’re entitled to letting lose a little for the winter; I’m looking at you ladies that relax on the shaving when it gets too cold to get your legs out!

Vicky Pattison looking stunning in the same yellow bikini
Vicky Pattison looking stunning in the same yellow bikini in May on holiday.

So let’s stop the body shaming and live a little! Yes, they’re getting judged because they’re in the lime light, but give them a break!

What’s your thoughts on these images? Let us know in the comments below!




Why this photoshopped photo is going viral

Is science lying to us? Artist impressions vs actual photos

When people imagine space, galaxies and the human body we think of bright and colourful images. But in actually reality, it might not be as all singing and dancing like you might think. Is science lying to us?

Artist impression of white blood cells on the left, actual photo of cells on the right. Images from vitstudio/Shutterstock and La Trobe University.
Artist impression of white blood cells on the left, actual photo of cells on the right. Images from vitstudio/Shutterstock and La Trobe University.

Source: Discovery of White blood cell alert system

It might come as quite a surprise but with the current available technology that is used to capture such images, for example in space exploration, the robots tend to only be equipped with 2 MP ‘phone camera’ to make all the data transportation quicker. The Mars Rover plans was set in stone in 2004, so back then the standards of cameras wasn’t quite like today.

Is science lying to us? Artist impressions vs actual photos
Artist impressions of planets vs actual photos from Mars Rover. Images from the Guardian and NASA.

And when it comes to the human body, everything isn’t colour coordinated like school textbooks!

The more you know!


Is science lying to us? Artist impressions vs actual photos

A flat stomach in a week?! 

Ever seen an ad like this flashing around about the new food to eat or diet pill?  The question is, do they really work?

Slimming down is a lifestyle change and a long commitment. You can lose a lot of weight through various ways, but to keep it off you need to maintain the health and exercise.

If you find it hard to gather the motivation, hire a personal trainer to start you off. You pay them to keep you on the strict and narrow, fitness routines, and nutritional advice. Each trainer has their own ways of going about kick your ass into shape, so quiz them about it and see if it clicks.

“But personal trainers are expensive”

If you’re paying for a gym membership, work out how much of it you actually make use of. Are you better off getting a trainer? If you’re getting what you pay for then great! You’re already doing a good job so far, keep it up.

Motivation and wanting to progress also needs to come from YOU. You’re paying for a service, and you have to utilise that. Don’t think ‘only two more weeks of this diet and running, and I can sit back on the couch and eat 10 bars of chocolate’ Think ‘this is new beginnings’ of great health and the older you will thank you for it. You’ll soon stop craving the oversized portions of fast-food and sugars, and enjoy foods in smaller portions.

Realistic goals are key. You are not going to lose a stone in a week in a healthy way!

Ultimately, love what you do. Keeping fit and healthy should be something you enjoy. If that means keeping your exercise interesting by switching up your classes, then do it! Vice versa with food, there are a lot to try out there!

Eat happy!


A flat stomach in a week?! 

Informal Natter:Celebrity Endorsed Products

TOWIE advertising Cocowhite
TOWIE advertising Cocowhite

Now, I don’t have a problem with people sharing their love of a new product they have recently discovered, I do it myself. However, what niggles me the most is when that product is wrongly advertised and pay numerous celebrities just to grow their sales.

So let’s strip this down…

Oil pulling is an age-old thing that’s been around for decades. And from what I have gathered from my research, it’s basically using oil as a mouth wash. Note: MOUTHWASH and not a ‘natural way to WHITEN teeth’ So by using this method you’re removing toxins from your mouth to promote oral heath, which may lead to brighter pearly whites.

The only way to get proper results is by whitening teeth with prescribed peroxide, that you can only get from dentists. Like anything else; lightening hair with hair bleach, or your skin with whitening products that contain small doses of a type of peroxide.

Moral: Before you start buying into the hype, do a bit of your own research.

My guilty pleasure is still watching Made In Chelsea.


Informal Natter:Celebrity Endorsed Products

Informal Natter: University Life

The cap throw.

I studied in university for three years and loved every moment of it.

But for the people who hasn’t been to university, and is thinking of going. Here’s your Life in University Guide… to be taken literally or not.. it is just my opinion after all.

First things first, I wouldn’t even begin to consider university unless you seriously want to or need a degree in Pyrotechnics or Viking Studies or anything you’re thinking of studying. Because, thank you Cameron, the tuition fees are ÂŁ9,000 a year. So seriously consider if you want to be in 30 years of debt before you start delving into a university ‘because you want to experience student life’.

Don’t get me wrong, independence, friends, and student loans to blow on alcohol for a few years is a whole lot of fun! But like the good old saying says ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ You can’t blow that lump sum of money in one day on a designer bag. You need to scrimp every penny to last you until your next little pay-day, which most definitely DOES NOT feel like it’s around the corner when you have accommodation to pay for, that next lot of shopping, AND FOOD? Yes, you have to cook for yourself now, but instant noodles has your back. So if you haven’t been in a kitchen before in your life, at least learn how to add boiling water to a lump of dried noodles and you’re sorted.

Next is mastering your Work hard Play hard balance. It’s difficult when you can’t predict what your tutors will throw at you, but it will most definitely be enough to fill up every working day of the academic year. Get this sussed out, and then you can party until the sun comes up… and probably until it goes back down again. Everybody hates writing 6,000 word blocks of text, but the tutors have to mark them all, so bare that in mind type like a raging bull. So when you’ve got all the work out of the way, it’s a load off your mind.

Laundry. Mum.

Lastly, be social. You’re surrounded by like-minded people who are around the same age as you, it’s literally a pool of potential friends that can give you a great balance between the good and the bad aspects of uni life. You never know, you could meet your next soul mate, and you could do with a friend like that.

So YOLO away and I’ll leave you to figure the rest out for yourself, it is your life after all.

Your friendly bear,


Informal Natter: University Life