A woman’s review of the FitBit Alta HR

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After thinking of getting a new phone other than the new overpriced iPhone X, I started looking into fitness trackers that I could use with a different operating software. Here’s my review of the Fitbit Alta HR after trying it for a week.

IMG_5319Key Features:

Fitness tracker – auto tracks most cardio workouts.

Sleep tracker – auto tracks.

Nutrition tracking on the easy to use app

Why I did I choose it?

Having looked at the huge range of fitness trackers available on the market now, I narrowed it down to a few criteria’s. I wanted a watch with a face that would show the time, track my fitness when I do a workout and sync to an Android phone. The bonus is if it tracks my sleep too, as I’ve always wanted to try it out.

In the end I chose the Fitbit Alta HR model because of the physical customisation capabilities. It is the newer model of it’s fashionable counter part; the Fitbit Charge that is also waterproof, and you can pop the tracker out of it’s band and hang it around a necklace accessory or bling bracelet (separately purchased) It loses it’s waterproof properties and possibly does not track any workouts as well with it being looser from the body. But for the intentions of it looking great, it’s perfect to jazz up to wear for an evening outfit but still be able to track your steps as you boogie away! The Charge does not have a screen, so I finally decided on the Alta HR but the Charge was a close second.

The great thing about the Fitbit I have found is that you don’t have to manually select anything to tell it when to track your workout or sleep. With the Fitbit it automatically senses you’re working out at the gym after an adjustable amount of time and cleverly knows when your sleeping or awake.

All of the data that it collects periodically syncs to the app on your phone when it is close by, making it so that you don’t have to have your phone on you at all times. Apple has jumped on this feature in the new iWatches but you need a cellular connection to make it entirely independent to the phone. The Fitbit app is super easy to use and the layout and user experience is a delight. It clearly displays my activities, water hydration tracking, and nutrition in neat tiles. The nutrition tracking has a vast database to chose from with barcode scanning abilities to easily add what you’ve eaten for the day. Unfortunately, the barcode scanning only worked 1 of the few times that I tried scanning my food, and most Chinese dishes aren’t ready available. However, you can manually input the food data, but I did not use this feature because you need an idea of the weight of each portion you ate so it was more hassle.

Another great feature was that it automatically tracks your sleep and gives you a brilliant graph of the different sleep stages that you had; deep, light and REM sleep. This is great if you’re looking to improve your sleep and it’s interesting seeing the quality of sleep that you get each night.

What did I think of the Fitbit after trying it for a week?

Honestly, if I had any other phone it would be my go to fitness tracking wearable. However, as an iPhone user Apple knows their market and how to keep their customers happy in their eco system. All of their products works in perfect sync and harmonies together when you own more than one of their devices. For example, I can use enabled fitness apps on my series 1 iWatch such as the AutoSleep App that syncs with the app on my phone to see all of the details that my watch has tracked. This is typical of most fitness trackers, but the information available on the watch is more detailed than the limited 8-bit like Fitbit screen. I love the personalisation available for the Fitbit, the Tom Ford accessories collection calls my name! The prices of them are similar to the lower budget iWatches, but I would be more inclined to spend the money on gold Fitbit hardware than a different colored strap. Ultimately, being the tech giant that Apple is, there is always an app for everything. Although it wont be all in one place, they all work with each other and I can connect them all up. So I will stick with my iWatch for now whilst I still have my iPhone and maybe I will end up unwilling shelling out the extra dosh for an upgrade, so all of my devices are more personalised.

Do you have a fitness tracker? Let me know all of your favourite ones in the comments!

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A woman’s review of the FitBit Alta HR

All that glitters might be gold – Sparkle outfits for the holidays

I love a little (or a lot!) of sparkles for the holiday season! After browsing through the new Selfridges app in hope of being on the list to be notified of the pre Christmas sales, I found Jenny Peckham that does a few amazing sparkle dresses for all body types! Check these out and chose the one that suits you.

For the Daring Sparkle

JENNY PACKHAM Sleeveless crystal-embellished gown dressing for the holidays christmas new years help outfits OOTD OOTN how to wear glitter sparkle ideas
Sleeveless crystal-embellished gown

It’s possibly going to be in minus degrees outside, but you love the sheer trend and if Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé and rock it. So can you! Wear with a bit of sass and turn the heat up in this tulle beauty.

For the Classy sparkle

JENNY PACKHAM Sequin-embellished silk gown dressing for the holidays christmas new years help outfits OOTD OOTN how to wear glitter sparkle ideas
Sequin-embellished silk gown

Do you have a fancy Christmas gala or theatre to attend? Be the belle of the ball in this beautiful silk gown! All eyes will be on you in this masterpiece.

For the Sassy Sparkle

JENNY PACKHAM Sequin-embellished silk dress dressing for the holidays christmas new years help outfits OOTD OOTN how to wear glitter sparkle ideas
Sequin-embellished silk dress

This dress seems quite understated compared to the previous, but this can be versatile with the length! Style under a skirt to change it up, and it’s the perfect length if you’re petite like me!

Pair all outfits with some plain shoes and minimal accessories to keep you from looking like a walking party! (Or go all out.. you wild thing, you!)

Let us know which dress is your favourite and which sparkle are you??

Too much glitz for your taste? Don’t worry, you can always jazz up a plain outfit with a sparkle in our next blog post ‘Holiday glitz shoes that you need right now!’

Feeling Festive!


All that glitters might be gold – Sparkle outfits for the holidays

Black Friday deals you need to know

It’s Black Friday tomorrow and some retailers have already started and are stretching out over this weekend up to Cyber Monday! Here’s some tips, tricks and discount codes that you NEED to take advantage of!

Selfridges Christmas Comes Early

Selfridges annual crazy sale has started today! Aside from Boxing day, this is something you NEED to take advantage of. Use the discount code ‘SELFCCE‘ for 20% off online or screen grab the barcode here to use it in store. Valid from 24th Nov – 27th. Unfortunately, not all brands are covered and it’s only 10% off beauty. Check out the excluded list here. It’s mostly the luxury brands that aren’t included e.g. Chanel, LV, Gucci etc.

VIPs get a notification a day early. But if you download the Selfridges app or follow them on social media you’ll be the first of the masses to know!

Here’s some great gift ideas for her, him, and me:


If you are looking for discounts on luxury designer brands then you need…

Black Friday at Flannels.com

Flannels is known as the shop on the high street that stocks only luxury designers, but online you can get 20% off everything with the discount code ‘BF20‘ and get an extra £40 off when you spend over £200! Here you can snap up a pair of classic coloured Jimmy Choos, or the latest Gucci wear.

Gift ideas for yourself (Classic investment piece), for her, and for me:

The best for beauty…

Harvey Nichols

Rewards member exclusive preview finished at 8pm today but the offer of 25% off extends to this weekend for everyone! You can get 10% off beauty and free shipping off everything on their website. Their loyalty card is a great way to earn points and get seasonal rewards if you love their exclusive brands.

Gift ideas for you (a lust purchase… party shoes?!), for her and him:

Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet

What’s better than Black Friday sales? Black Friday sales ON TOP of outlet prices! I signed up for the VIP card and also the invitation for the Black Friday offers pre sales, and one hour I was there was NOT enough! Unfortunately, there wasn’t any Black Friday offers that I was interested in but the sales they already had there already was amazing! 50% off everything on top of outlet prices at All Saints Outlet and 25% off everything at Radley Outlet, I couldn’t pass up some leather cleaning products that keep your leather in tip top condition! The Kooples outlet has just opened last Friday, and the cuts are just the prefect shape for my body.


Why don’t you ever see prestigious brands on sale like Chanel and Christian Louboutin?

Because their in such demand that they tend to sell out before much of it can make it to a sale. Also, their brand is so well known and their clientele is the rich, so they wouldn’t ever put a sale price on any items. Chanel tend to put everything away in the back, so if a customer requests anything they can bring it out right away.

Get cash back during your online shop

Save more shopping the sales from the comfort of your own home with TopCashBack. You shop through their website and receive cash back straight to your account! Unfortunately, it can take up to a month to receive the money and the majority of the time you cannot use it in conjunction with any other offers. It’s great if you’re renewing your insurance anytime soon or buying a new phone/Sky/broadband line.

Use this referral link here and receive a £5 amazon gift card!


Do you know of any great deals of shopping the Black Friday sale tips? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy bargain hunting!




Black Friday deals you need to know

OOTD: Floral Bloom

Nothing gets me more into the mood of summer than a beautiful floral print! Here’s one that I stitched together recently….

Rinniboo Skirt outfit photo half OOTD outfit styling fashion floral print skirt how to
OOTD: Floral bloom https://rinniboo.wordpress.com/2016/07/19/ootd-floral-bloom/

I can be a right good procrastinator when it comes to completing tasks with no deadlines! So I picked out this beautiful floral print fabric that I really liked from Abakhan, and went straight back home to get cutting and sewing.

DIY Floral Skirt

Coming from a surface design background I’m quite picky with my prints, but this had the right sized florals and a beautiful selection of colours. It even had a beautiful brushed cotton texture to it!

So I googled a simple box pleat skirt pattern, eyeballed the right size and started cutting (I recommend using a pattern or taking some time to really work out the right size to include the extra width for the pleats!) Here’s a great tutorial I found later that includes a pocket!

I chose a box pleat skirt over a standard a-line as I was inspired by the recent Ted Baker full skirts.

Rinniboo Skirt outfit photo half OOTD outfit styling fashion floral print skirt how to

Styling the OOTD

Here I’ve styled it with a white drape back top and nude heels with my Apple iWatch.

Check out my iWatch review here!

I’ve had this drape back top from Topshop for a while now, but now there’s all sorts of drape tops available! Keeping the rest of the outfit simple by styling the skirt with plain tops is a fool proof way of working floral print into any outfit.

I also found these super comfy nude heels from M&S. Unfortunately, they were part of a limited edition range of real leather classics, but I have found a similar pair at Aldo Shoes. I always go to M&S for comfortable shoes as their shapes are perfect for my feet, and most shoes have a soft padding inside to give you that ‘walking on cushions’ feeling. I fell in love with the shape of the heels as they not only give your feet the most appealing angle of heel height, but they look really similar to Louboutins!

Check out how I made this simple skirt in my vlog here:

Start from 2:16! Source – https://youtu.be/nCRzinbRej0?t=2m16s


OOTD: Floral Bloom

VLOG: A Hermes Birkin for £30?!

Another Vlog! A Hermes Bag??!

A little late due to technical mishaps, and some downright laziness due to hot weather. This weekends vlog I show you the ‘Birkin’ Hermit* bag I found online for £30! I’ll take you with me to making my must have spring/summer skirt, lots of eating with the family, and as always a cameo of my cat Misty The Moggie looking damn cute. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCRzinbRej0

*Don’t forget to check out the new donned luxury fashion names list here for a giggle!



VLOG: A Hermes Birkin for £30?!

OOTD: City Chic

This outfit revolves around one of my most chic investment jacket! I think everyone needs that one jacket that they love and will wear to death. So not only will you get your moneys worth, but you’ll look so chic doing it!

OOTD City Chic blog title Fashion, Outfit of the day how to style a smart blazer and pop with snake affect heels shoes
Ted Baker Eni Jacket (Similar here), H&M V Neck T-shirt, Topshop Ripped Jamie Jeans, Hermit Bag (Similar here), River Island Heels (Similar here).

Throwing in some texture to an outfit will bring plainer pieces to life and style it up. You can make a super casual outfit instantly chic and sophisticated by adding a structured jacket.

Doesn’t this Ted Baker jacket give you the Coco Chanel vibes??

OOTD City Chic blog title Fashion, Outfit of the day how to style a smart blazer and pop with snake affect heels shoes
Adding a pop of colour or mixing textures makes you stand out from the crowd. Just make sure you keep the colour pallet simple!

To stand out from the crowd I’ve team it with some faux snake River Island strappy sandals. These are super comfy with padded soles and support your feet in all of the right places!

OOTD City Chic blog title Fashion, Outfit of the day how to style a smart blazer and pop with snake affect heels shoes
Adding textures adds depth to an outfit. See how the jacket smartens up a simple jeans and t-shirt combo?

This is style with my £30 ‘Hermes’ Bag, we’ve now donned names for replica/inspired pieces that have come from unfortunate fumbles of online shopping. So this bag will now be called ‘Hermit’ Check out the full list of donned names here, and add your own!

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OOTD: City Chic

Guest Blog: A Woman’s Review of the Apple Watch

I was given a Christmas gift with a fashion and tech twist, the Apple Watch!  Here’s my review 4 months on…

I was quite hesitant on purchasing the Apple Watch because the lowest price point is £259 going all the way up to £13,500! But as a wearable tech enthusiast coupled with the new pretty colours for women and after using it for 4 months, I now think I would have saved up to buy one!

Most people know of the Apple Watch as a glorified time piece or a fitness tracker. It took a while for me to get used to it but once I did, I realised there are many other uses to the watch.

The set up is an easy step by step process that syncs the watch to your Iphone. From there, it syncs the data and applications between the devices. I have been using mine for almost 4 months now and these are my favourite applications.

Rinniboo Apple Watch review smartwatch tech technology wearables wearabltech fashiontech fashion OOTD OOTN styling

It pings your phone

I love the feature where you can ‘ping’ your iPhone from your watch when you lose your iPhone, which is very often for me!  And, the best bit is it still works when your iPhone is on silent.  So no more asking your friends or family to call your iPhone when you lose it!


Another feature that I love is the ability to see all of my calendar events, time and date at a glance. I only need to tilt the watch for the screen to illuminate. The only downside is it sometimes has calibration issues where the screen will flicker on and off and eats away at the battery.

Read the whole review here. Check out my comparison to the Fitbit here or check out more of my wearable tech posts.

Guest Blog: A Woman’s Review of the Apple Watch