Debate | Cosmetic Surgery Special Part I : Lip Injections

You’ve probably noticed an increase in the popularity of getting cosmetic surgery to enhance your own lips in the form of lip injections¬†after the boom of Kylie Jenners lips transformation. What she originally tried to keep under wraps and pass it off as ‘the power of make up’, ¬†eventually admitted to a visit to her usual family cosmetic surgeon. So for part 1 I will be discussing Lip Injections.

So has society made it more accepting to have this cosmetic procedure done now?

I discovered a discussion seminar ‘Cosmetic Procedures: Routine or Necessity?’ at my local MadLab and decided to join in!

Upon entering the venue I was too worried about parking 30 mins before free parking started that I completely did not notice that I was one of the first ones to get there! (Thankfully I managed to sort my parking out!) I felt like the ol cogs in the brain was already rolling the second we all started really talking after the polite introductions and sharing how and why we are attending this event.

Dr from the Nuffield biomedical chair panel starting the discussion of plastic surgery and lip injections
Dr Jeanette Edwards starts the discussion of by outlining the types of plastic surgery we are to discuss.

So we got stuck right in

Dr Jeanette Edwards from the board of Nuffield Biometrics started the workshop off by outlining the types of cosmetic procedures we will discuss; Not touching on the topics of tattoos and piercings and the similar kinds of body modifications, but focusing on the key surgical procedures that are increasing in popularity (in no particular order):

  • Lip injections
  • Brest¬†augmentation¬†(implants)
  • Butt implants
  • Labiaplasty (sculpting the labia minor i.e. the fanny flaps)
  • Liposuction
  • Male body sculpting (typically defining the six pack etc)
  • Scrotal lifts
Dr from the Nuffield biomedical chair panel starting the discussion of plastic surgery and lip injections
Lip injections can give you a natural to super voluptuous look in seconds! Source – Instagram.

Lip Injections

Lip injections are made from a synthetic hydraulic acid. It’s found in the body naturally which is why it’s so accepted.

Did you know in the UK alone we have over 150 lip injection manufacturers producing numerous brands? All in which are NOT currently regulated as they are deemed ‘medical devices’ thus, they do not need to be prescribed by a medical profession. This means Laura at your local salon could get her hands on a syringe of this stuff and stick it in your face if you let her!

What could go wrong?

So you’ve probably already seen all these shock tactic programs and photos that would probably put you right off, but we’re not here to do that! We’re here to tell you straight:

  • Like all medical procedures there’s a probability that something may go wrong, so you want your professional to be able to fix it! 1 in 5 lip injection procedures may go wrong which is a 20% probability, and if we swing you back into your Maths class for a second; that’s a pretty high possibility! So make sure that sticks with you.
  • If injected wrong, it can cause serious damage and scarring. Make sure they know what they’re doing!
  • There’s a possibility that you could have an allergic reaction. If you’re putting anything new into your body, you don’t know how it will react. Can you deal with it if your lips decide to blow up to three times the size?
  • Can you maintain it? The injections are to last UP TO (but not guaranteed) 6 months until it is broken down by the body. Your body doesn’t know to break it all down evenly, so it may get lumpy and bumpy!

I’m ready

So if you’re not dumb enough to not let anyone go ahead with a syringe to your face then you’re one step closer! You need to do an extensive amount of research on it before you even let anyone near you that could potentially cause some permanent damage.

But if you’ve done your research and want to go ahead with the procedure then do this check list:

  • Has your professional had extensive experience with working with the face before? – This will include not only the studious years of qualifications but also the practical side. If they call themselves a doctor but they’ve never had a patient, I’d probably raise a red flag!
  • Does your professional care about other peoples faces? – Firstly, they would want you to be asking them questions. Having a talking relationship is important as sometimes getting to know their patients personality will determine what looks they will ultimately suit. Basically, it helps them do their job right if you’re both on the same wave length. You should also give them extra kudos if they contribute to a relevant charity or have a passion for their job. e.g are they active in Give A Child A Smile? Straight¬†in my good books! Do they care that lip injections are currently not regulated and should be? Another brownie point for them!
  • What are their results like? – You should see examples of their work, it’s a bit of a no brainer! They should be able to work some pretty magical skills working with your unique facial structure to enhance what you already have.

Bottom line is: don’t do anything stupid!



Part 2 coming next Tuesday: Societies perception of cosmetic surgery.

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Debate | Cosmetic Surgery Special Part I : Lip Injections

Preserving your fertility – Freezing your eggs

Being constantly reminded of your ‘ticking body clock’; Freezing your eggs has now never been easier with a new breakthrough in Cryobiology, and a more popular choice when you decide you want to start a family later in life. Here’s what it’s all about…

9 week human embryo fertility freezing eggs decisions
9 week human embryo from ectopic pregnancy. Image from

What does it involve?

It’s similar to IVF (In vitro¬†fertilisation) but instead of fertilising them straight away, they get frozen commonly by¬†Vitrification (flash frozen)¬†and stored.

2-4 weeks of self-administered hormone injections and birth control pills to temporarily turn off natural hormones. 10-14 days of hormone injections to stimulate the ovaries and ripen multiple eggs.

Once the eggs have matured, they are removed with a needle placed through the vagina under ultrasound guidance. This procedure is done under intravenous sedation and is not painful. The eggs are then immediately frozen. When the patient is ready to attempt pregnancy (this can be several years later) the eggs are thawed, injected with a single sperm to achieve fertilization, and transferred to the uterus as embryos. Рsource

When should I freeze my eggs?

The big question, WHEN? Generally women are in their ‘prime reproducing’ age in their 20s and early 30s, as we’re all born with all the eggs we will ever need. These number of eggs decline as we age and so does their cellular integrity, that means the quality of the eggs decrease as we age. There are many reasons as to why people freeze their eggs including; medical reasons, and delaying¬†childbearing.

How much does it cost?

With any medical procedure there is a cost and a risk. You can get help with the costs if you qualify, and there are various other free options such as egg sharing ; where you donate your eggs to women going through IVF that are unable to produce their own eggs. The whole procedure can cost around £2,000 Р£5,000 with additional costs including £250 annual fee of storage.

What are the success rates and risks?

There’s around a 65% rate of successful deliveries from frozen eggs, which is higher¬†than from fresh eggs or¬†frozen embryos. With studies so far showing no increase in birth defects. Although a relatively new procedure that’s been studied in the longterm, approximately¬†5,000 babies have been born from frozen eggs in the US. – source

However, according to Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority has published that these success rate is of just 20% amongst women using their own frozen eggs. Рsource Success rates explained here.

Is it for me?

If you’re in a demanding career and want to delay your child baring days, then you may consider freezing your eggs. However it is time consuming¬†as one cycle takes around two menstrual cycles to complete the egg freezing process.

Overall you shouldn’t be fully dependant on freezing your eggs as it is not a 100% guarantee that if you decide later that you do want to start a family, you will have to go through the same success rates as anyone else going through IVF, with the addition of the success of unfreezing the eggs. Even¬†with the new advances in technology the success rates are still quite low, but with the rate of new developing technology its possible it will be higher later on if¬†you do decide it’s for you.

Would you consider freezing your eggs? Or have you been through IVF yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

Useful links:

London women’s clinic

London Egg Bank

USC Fertility

Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority –¬†Freezing and storing eggs


Preserving your fertility – Freezing your eggs

Why this photoshopped photo is going viral

There’s a photograph of The Only Way is Essex and Geordie Shore ladies Ferne McCann and Vicky Pattison on the most loved ITV jungle show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here being shared around the internet comparing them to editorial shots that they have done. People are pointing out the airbrushed differences and body shaming them for having too much Photoshopping done to the editorial images when they look so ‘real’ and ‘different’ whilst they were taking a shower in the jungle.

Photo of Fergie and Vicky from Geordie Shore is going viral but is it all just photoshop?
This photo of Ferne and Vicky from reality shows is going viral but is it all just photoshop and body image?

Let’s remind everyone that for glossy magazines and such photos that we always add some touching up to make the paper more sellable, it’s part of marketing. No one will buy a fashion magazine if all of the outfits in it look a mess!

Yes, the two ladies look a lot different on tv than they do on the photographs, but they are living human beings. Everyone can gain weight and have curves, but anyone can also have super toned abs.

Can we also remind everyone that these photographs were taken a while ago (approx May 2015) So I’m sure we’re entitled to letting lose a little for the winter; I’m looking at you ladies that relax on the shaving when it gets too cold to get your legs out!

Vicky Pattison looking stunning in the same yellow bikini
Vicky Pattison looking stunning in the same yellow bikini in May on holiday.

So let’s stop the body shaming and live a little! Yes, they’re getting judged because they’re in the lime light, but give them a break!

What’s your thoughts on these images? Let us know in the comments below!




Why this photoshopped photo is going viral

The Tampon Tax: Why girls are getting their period panties in a twist

So recently parliament has voted to reject the elimination of tax on sanitary products, and now it’s the talk of the town. Here’s what it is and how it’s effecting us…

menstrual cup, sanitary products, pads and tampons, the tampon tax
Have you heard of a menstrual cup before? They save you a lot of money but they are also still taxed! photo credit: Menstruationstasse (DivaCup) mit Stoffbeutel via photopin (license)

How much is it being taxed on tampons and sanitary products?

Compared to the standard 20% value added tax on most items and services you pay for, it has recently been lowered to the reduced percentage of 5% on sanitary products. The tax is put on all ‘luxury goods’ in the European Union, and for most goods and services. Only a few items fall into the reduced percentage such as children‚Äôs car seats and some energy-saving materials in the home. And¬†Zero-rated goods and services like most food and children‚Äôs clothes¬†that don’t have any VAT added.

However, now women are campaigning to get it demolished on the grounds of gender equality.¬†As¬†menstruation is a natural bodily function that everyone with a functioning womb has to go through, they’re using the ‘unfair’ card to abolish the ‘tampon fine’ bestowed on uteruses. On average women would spend from a minimum of around ¬£1,450 in their life time on sanitary pads, that’s ¬£72.50 that’s going to government. Think of all those things you could buy with that money if you didn’t have to pay VAT on it! Now campaigners are responding to the rejection by threatening to ‘free flow’, when they’d go without the use of any sanitary products to prove a point. If you ask any grandma or older ladies how they dealt with the monthly flow before the sophisticated tampons and other items came about, they would probably tell you horror stories about the sponges they stuck up there and old rags they had to boil. Women suffering from Toxic Shock syndrome has dramatically fallen since sanitary pads were introduced. Although it is still a very real syndrome that all women should still be aware of, reverting back to the old way simply isn’t a solution.

“It is absurd that while men’s razors, children’s nappies and even products like Jaffa Cakes, exotic meats and edible cake decorations are free from VAT, women are still having to pay additional costs on what is already an expensive yet vital product.” said SNP MP Alison Thewliss.

So what is their argument to keep the tax?

It’s ‘too hard’ to simply just remove the tax on ‘said products’.

So, the EU are simply too lazy to amend the tax, and of the 305 MPs that voted against the 287 were all males. Some couldn’t even muster the courage to say ‘tampon’. Just use a menstrual cup you say? It still get’s taxed! So following the previous calculations of the average woman. You’d spend a minimum of ¬£468 in your lifetime on the cups, assuming¬†that you started using them from your first period (and we can all agree that sticking something up yourself at that initial stage is probably the last thing on your mind). You would be handing over ¬£23.40 to government to spend as they see fit. Although this is a fraction of the amount compared to pads, there’s still misconceptions around the cup and tampons that religious communities still stand against. At the end of the day, we don’t want to be charged anything more than what we should be paying for a product that is a necessity!

What can you do? Join the campaign and sign the petition Stop Taxing Periods. Period. on

You don’t have to be a woman to join the cause.


The Tampon Tax: Why girls are getting their period panties in a twist

Debate: Holistic treatments

As a person that likes to know facts from fiction, there are some pretty far-fetched holistic treatments out there. But what if they work?

Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Chromotherapy, Affirmative prayer, ear candling, holistic treatments, do they work??
Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Chromotherapy, Affirmative prayer, ear candling, are all holistic treatments, but do they work??

According to WebMBD:

Holistic medicine¬†is a form of¬†healing¬†that considers the whole person — body, mind, spirit, and emotions — in the quest for optimal health and wellness.’

This includes most ‘alternative medications’, which you can get an idea of what from this compiled list here.

I am always amazed by modern-day¬†medication, and the relief of illness from antibiotics. But society has now developed this fascination with updated old wives tales and alternative therapies, being marketed as ‘natural remedies’. As I come from a Chinese background, I’m familiar with the herbal remedies and superstitions. I have even heard about people who have benefited from relief of muscle ache from acupuncture and affirmative prayer, but maybe I’m still a septic as I’ve never actually tried them before. But for some people, they really do believe that it helped, whether they believe all the background to it or not. You don’t have to believe in the God or deity or even be religious to be ‘healed’ by a healer in Hong Kong, and you don’t need to understand the balance of Yin and Yang for acupuncture to make a difference to you; They just work.

There has been many studies being carried out to find any supporting evidence that any of these alternative actually work and so far there’s been a few even confining acupuncture to make a slight difference, but most are still unsure. Read more about acupuncture and neck pain relief study here.

I have heard of people avoiding their GPs and doctors because they don’t want to bother them with ‘simple arm pain’ or they even disagree with the recommended treatment. Some are to even go as far as refusing chemotherapy on the grounds of the side effects, to use cannabis¬†oil and filtered water. Or other forms of alternative therapy, that the doctor could not recommend to them, as it goes against their practice.

So have you had any holistic treatment done before? Or do you know anyone that has?

I’ve love to know or any successful or unsuccessful stories you may have in comments below or message me on my contact page.


Debate: Holistic treatments

I am beautiful – Does loving yourself make you a bitch?

This video caught my eye and I thought it was an appropriate part two to Empowering women and project #loveyourfreckles

So now that society is basically assuming ALL women ‘don’t know their beautiful’ and that we all have body issues, but what about the people that aren’t? What if they KNOW they’re beautiful? Does that make them a bitch/stuck up/over confident?

This video explains it so well, she says it plainly and puts it in your face. She doesn’t have insecurities, she loves the way she looks, so stop telling her she has to be self conscious to be a girl.

I personally love poetry, especially the rhymes and rhythms. If you’ve never been to a poetry night, then look for one locally on Eventbrite and do it. It sounds a lot less boring than you think! In fact it can be quite empowering or dark. Even poetry workshops can be pretty interesting. The most recent one being a gathering of a variety of ages and writers, so there was a big range of styles of writing and wasn’t limited to just poetry. In fact a lovely lady in her 50s wrote about underwear!

So the bottom line is, if you love yourself then good for you. Don’t let society dictate how you should behave.

You’re beautiful.