About Rinniboo


The face behind Rinniboo is Rachael. She began blogging in 2010 in her collaborative blog Petite Rinni. Focusing on beauty and fashion with her fellow bloggers Nicci James and Hollie France. She soon spanned into Youtube on her channel Rinniboo creating hair and make up tutorials, product reviews and outfit ideas. Archiving the 9th top viewed videos in the How To category, and 1st place in the River Island Style Insider styling competition in 2011.

After her long hiatus from Youtube to focus on university, she now has this blog Rinniboo.com. Armed with a BA(Hons) Textiles in Practice degree, more knowledge, and more wisdom. She strives to voice the current trends she loves along with her journey of finding herself in the physical and digital world.

By covering her favourite make up and beauty trends, and even the most discussed news, she aims to raise awareness of life fulfilment through knowledge in a sustainable way. She believes that by empowering women to support one another can lead to a better female environment, leading to more success. She is also passionate about technology and sustainability, by linking these passions she looks for the eco friendly alternatives to a cruelty free beauty regime that can be easily integrated into peoples daily lives. She aims to explore the subjects that people find awkward or taboo to discuss, and bring the less talked about subjects such as mental health into the lime light. Aiming to be the agony aunt, that you can relate to comfortably, but you can joke with at the same time.

If you know her in person, she’s the kind of girl that doesn’t take anything too seriously. She pokes fun at some serious subjects, but turns on serious mode when she needs to. Her lifestyle posts are about things you’d want to tell your 16 year old self, and still think at the end ‘but you do what you want to do, I ain’t your mama!’.

Fancy a collaboration or business enquiry? Email me rinniboo@gmail.com or fill in a form on my contact me page.