OOTD: Floral Bloom

Nothing gets me more into the mood of summer than a beautiful floral print! Here’s one that I stitched together recently….

Rinniboo Skirt outfit photo half OOTD outfit styling fashion floral print skirt how to
OOTD: Floral bloom https://rinniboo.wordpress.com/2016/07/19/ootd-floral-bloom/

I can be a right good procrastinator when it comes to completing tasks with no deadlines! So I picked out this beautiful floral print fabric that I really liked from Abakhan, and went straight back home to get cutting and sewing.

DIY Floral Skirt

Coming from a surface design background I’m quite picky with my prints, but this had the right sized florals and a beautiful selection of colours. It even had a beautiful brushed cotton texture to it!

So I googled a simple box pleat skirt pattern, eyeballed the right size and started cutting (I recommend using a pattern or taking some time to really work out the right size to include the extra width for the pleats!) Here’s a great tutorial I found later that includes a pocket!

I chose a box pleat skirt over a standard a-line as I was inspired by the recent Ted Baker full skirts.

Rinniboo Skirt outfit photo half OOTD outfit styling fashion floral print skirt how to

Styling the OOTD

Here I’ve styled it with a white drape back top and nude heels with my Apple iWatch.

Check out my iWatch review here!

I’ve had this drape back top from Topshop for a while now, but now there’s all sorts of drape tops available! Keeping the rest of the outfit simple by styling the skirt with plain tops is a fool proof way of working floral print into any outfit.

I also found these super comfy nude heels from M&S. Unfortunately, they were part of a limited edition range of real leather classics, but I have found a similar pair at Aldo Shoes. I always go to M&S for comfortable shoes as their shapes are perfect for my feet, and most shoes have a soft padding inside to give you that ‘walking on cushions’ feeling. I fell in love with the shape of the heels as they not only give your feet the most appealing angle of heel height, but they look really similar to Louboutins!

Check out how I made this simple skirt in my vlog here:

Start from 2:16! Source – https://youtu.be/nCRzinbRej0?t=2m16s


OOTD: Floral Bloom

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