How To Be A Wearable Tech Assistant

I became a wearable tech assistant by networking and being proactive. Nothing good is ever worth having if you haven’t worked for it!

What is wearable tech?

Wearable tech is the fusion of technology and textiles. You might remember from when you was a kid watching Inspector Gadget and then trying to invent coats that could make your breakfast and get you dressed. That’s in basic terms what I do. I look at ways of stitching/knitting/fusing circuits into a garment!

I began my career path after graduating from university with a Textiles degree, not knowing what I wanted to do next. Being self employed as a textiles designer was something I enjoyed but didn’t work the best in. I didn’t have the drive and self motivation to make it work!

Theodore roosevelt quote work hard wearable tech assistant career development how to get a job Mashing two worlds together to create my own

So I began exploring ways of combining my two favourite things, trends and technology! My love of ‘future technology’ spanned from my final year studies and that’s when I found Michelle Hua. She offered me an internship to lend a hand running her fashionable wearable technology company in return for some well needed mentoring and insight into the wearable technology industry. It then developed into a successful working relationship and she kept me on with some funding!


I’ve been working on a lot of my own projects during the development of the gloves such as the Self Lighting Bag and the sophisticated LED light up shoes. Who knows what I’ll be doing in the future, but I already have some more great projects in mind!

I believe technology is the future, and you might not even realise it yet; but you’re probably already adapted to it (the tech you’re using to read this!)

So why the full interview set up on my blog title?

I not only work as a full assistant supporting the CEO and Founder Michelle Hua, but we make awesome promotional videos and guest blog!

If you love the job you have it will feel like you’ve never worked a day in your life!

MadeWithGlove wearable technology assistant speaks at the annual Manchester Girl Geeks #Bracamp bar camp diversity women in tech women that code girls that code technology

I’ve recently done a talk at the annual Manchester Girls Geek #BraCamp about what I do as a wearable tech assistant check out the full blog post and video here.


How To Be A Wearable Tech Assistant

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