Why You Need Some ‘Me’ Time

So if you’ve ever been in a long term relationship or hanging out with anyone all the time. You need a little ‘me’ time to recuperate, and that’s okay!

Get comfortable with your relationship

If you’re not comfortable with all the ‘poop’ talk yet, then get on with it! You can’t hold that shit in (literally!) It’s bad for your body and you’ll be getting stomach aches for the most horrible of reasons. If your partner cares about you enough, they would want you to do it!

Why you need ‘me’ time

I call it ‘pamper time’. It’s the time that you take to do all your maintenance: Hair removal (from everywhere), Face masks, Hair masks, all of the above that takes longer than your usual daily routine. Taking a little breath to do this so you can relax and enjoy it, is when you can take a step out of your busy schedule to rejuvenate and THEN hop straight back into it. Having a moment to yourself is refreshing, as wearing yourself out from the daily grind can really affect your health. Overworking is a real thing! Have you read ‘How Heavy Is A Glass Of Water?‘ It puts into perspective that you need to take a break every now and again before you ‘pick up that glass of water’ again. Everyone will benefit from you being in a good mood after it!

Pamper yourself

How do you let them know you want a little time for yourself? Just tell them straight up! I prefer my friends being upfront with me. None of the long winded excuses or you’ll just put me off hanging out with you in the future. Can’t say it seriously? Make it into a joke! Have a chill. Your friends will love you for who you are, and taking a few hours out to be alone is perfectly fine. You might not realise it, but at least one of your friends has turned down a plan to have their own pamper!



Why You Need Some ‘Me’ Time

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