How to use online retail stalking to save ££s!

Now I’m not talking about the creepy Catfish online stalking type! You’ve probably realised after doing a little browse around the online retail shops, that even when you close the tabs you’ll get targeted adverts about the products that you last viewed. This is the clever marketing tricks that big retailers such as ASOS and Topshop use to digitally stalk their customers to keep them engaged and hopefully persuade them to come back and purchase from them.

Their tactics include reminders in the form of; adverts from saving cookies, emailing you after you’ve signed up, and again after you’ve made a purchase.

So how do you use this to your advantage?

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Sign up with them

By signing up to the newsletters you could receive a new sign up code to get a discount off your first purchase, this sometimes comes with some conditions and a validity restriction. So remember to know what you want to buy before you hand over your email, and read the small print!

Don’t pay at the checkout

Want to be a real tease to the online retailer? Go through the usual purchasing process; put what you need in your basket and go to the check out; Once you have entered in your email to create an account with them, you tend to go straight onto the payment page next. Enter your card details but BEFORE you click to pay. Close the page. Make sure you DO NOT complete the payment process for this next trick to work. The retailer will have saved the email address you gave them. Leave it for a few hours and there’s a chance that you might get an email reminder about the items you have in your basket. Some retailers will even give you a discount to use to tempt you back. Bingo! Unfortunately, this doesn’t work when the products you want are quite popular, because in most shops your basket items will not be reserved. So you risk losing out!

Be a loyal customer

Sometimes it pays to be a loyal returning customer. The retailer may reward you with discounts and offers that only existing customers may get. So get savvy and dig around for any clues by asking the shop assistants in store or other friends that you know that shop there. Some online retailers offer an increasing discount for the amount of times you go back to shop with them!

How do I stop the creepy ads?

So how do you stop the creepy unwanted online stalker-ish ads? Clear your cookies! These marketing methods do not work on the digital savvy that don’t like to be tracked. However the cons of not using cookies is that it may make loading pages a lot longer and some scripts cannot play without having permission.

Have you used any of these clever online shopping tips before? Let us know in the comments below!

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How to use online retail stalking to save ££s!

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