Creeps in cars | Dream car/holidays | Cheat day vlog

Long talking blog about cheating at the gym and dreaming of things, like and comment if you prefer these kinda vids!
In the Topshop changing rooms with Ivy Park | Repping Barbell Brigade | Pilates and body bump at the gym | Talking about dream cars and holidays in the car (Nissan Figaro & Maldives) Cheat day and guys being creepy in cars.

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It was so funny when the guy was just staring at me like ‘whaaaat?!’ Haha #awks.

So I’ve just been to the gym when I start this video and I tried mat pilates for the first time in my life – LOVE IT – it’s like a mix of ballet and conditioning. I’m obsessed and need to go to more classes! I finished my gym sesh with a BodyPump class. My motto when it comes to your fitness:

“Don’t cheat when your working out, because the only person your cheating is yourself”

And it’s true. I could rest after every rep and only do half the work, but you could pull the wool over the instructors eyes, but you wouldn’t be pushing yourself and benefiting from the workout to your full potential! So JUST DO IT. And you’ll feel amazing after it! #nopainnogain. Obviously I wore my Barbellbrigade t-shirt to it, because pumping iron. And I love those guys!

And #cheatday is always an exception, you enjoy your food on those cheat days!

Have you checked out the Ivy Park sports range by Beyoncé for Topshop? I love the sandles and mesh details on everything. The leggings are to die for!

What’s your dream car and holiday? I literally cannot wait for the day I can drive around in a slick car and relax in paradise!



Creeps in cars | Dream car/holidays | Cheat day vlog

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