Body Confidence: Why you should get your kit off

If you’ve read my blog about why you should get professional photos taken here, then you’ll love this one!

Aside from having some lovely photos you can use of yourself for business, you should also consider a minimal clothing shoot to boost your body confidence!

Body confidence boost

Feeling a bit down in the dumps about your appearance and want a change? If it’s losing weight, then you go for it! But once you’re happy with your shape how do you want to show it off? Get all the hard work captured in a photo you can frame and admire for many years! Beauty is subjective. And for a more risqué shoot, the more curves the sexier! So you won’t feel the pressure to go on a crash diet for a pin up inspired photo shoot.

You don’t necessarily have to go fully nude, you can just go with what you’re comfortable with; Sexy underwear, nightwear, or even reveal your alter ego! Even if you do decide to go nude, you can also include props. The possibilities are endless!

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Stranger Danger

It can not only be used as a confidence boost for yourself, but you could also use the prints for a gift to your partner, or to remember your beautiful pregnant body. As always, with anything involving a photoshoot, always be aware of any fees and background checks. Always do your research on the photographer, don’t just ask any guy with a camera to take photos of a semi-naked girl! There are many reputable photographers that may charge a booking fee for hair and make up, and then don’t require any money unless you are happy to buy the prints. Don’t feel pressured into buying anything. Sometimes they might use marketing techniques, but always know your budget!

Have you ever thought of doing a photoshoot? Let us know what you think in the comments down below!

Check out my experience in my latest vlog: MAKING A PORNO?!?


Body Confidence: Why you should get your kit off

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