LIVE BLOGGING: H&M x Balmain the count down and obtaining my wish list

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I’ve literally been waiting since they first announced this 6 months ago, but the next huge H&M collaboration is neigh and I’ve finally decided on trying to grab as many pieces as I can. Here’s my ‘live’ blogging of the count down with more main live updates here, and follow it on my Snapchat¬†(search ‘Rinniboo’ to add me by my username) tonight’s special: I will be Snapping and documenting the Topshop x Tattuu styling event tonight at 6PM GMT, so tune in to check out the evening with sneaky previews of Topshop’s next collection!

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H&M Balmain collaboration how to shop and live blogging
H&M and Balmain’s collaboration collection has had a lot of love by Kendall, and Kylie Jenner, their best friend Gigi Hadid, and Topshop Model Jordan Dunn.

The French couture fashion house Balmain has collaborated with H&M in their annual designer fusion to bring affordable high-end to the masses that only dream of owning a single thread.

When you wear Balmain, you feel powerful, like a warrior of the world,‚ÄĚ says Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director of Balmain. ‚ÄúBalmain is about traditions and techniques, but it is also about youth and the new generation.‚ÄĚ Source

The collection that’s attracting a lot of celebrity attention from Jordan Dunn, Gigi Hadid, and the Kardashians (namely the face of it Kendall Jenner herself), is full of intricate embroidery and beading¬†with it’s signature sharp shouldered silhouettes, will be available 5th November 2015.

How do you get your hands on or even within range of these beautiful Balmain pieces?

Going from my previous experiences of trying to shop the Jimmy Choo and Karl Lagerfeld collaboration online with no success after targeting just one pair of shoes at the crack of dawn. I’ve finally decided to get really into it this year to tick it off my bucket list and plan to camp outside of the nearest store to wait in line for the doors to open. Crazy? Possibly. But not if you want even a slight chance to get what you want!

  1. Find your nearest store and scout out the competition¬†–¬†If you’re bopping about town the day before then check out to see if there’s a que forming. People in Singapore have even started 3 days before!
  2. Make a wishlist¬†– Check out the collection and make a list to¬†budget and pick your favourite pieces, so¬†you’re ready to grab and pay¬†when you get in.
  3. Know the rules –¬†Customers in the queue will be given a coloured bracelet; there are 14 colours with one for each group of 20 customers. Your colour determines when it‚Äôs your time to shop in the designer collection area. Each group will have 10 minutes to shop, with 5 minutes between slots. The bracelets are only for customers shopping the ladieswear Balmain x H&M collection. There will not be a queuing system to purchase menswear.*You can still shop as normal in store as the queuing system only applies to the ladieswear designer collection.*The queuing system may vary depending on the market. Returns of items bought in store should be returned within 3 days of purchase. Online returns have their regular 28 day return policy.
  4. Set your alarm clock¬† –¬†The store opens at 9am but if there isn’t a que forming days before then there defiantly will be one before the sun even rises on the day so aim to get there an hour or two before.
  5. Let the waiting commence Рjoin the que and wait to  be issued a colour coded bracelet to be grouped in with your competitors.
  6. 10mins to shop! Рready, set, shop! You only have 10mins to shop so remember your wishlist and get in and get out to allow other shoppers a chance. Good luck!

The collection will be available to shop online, however as I’ve mentioned before it sells out¬†faster than you can say ‘Balmain’ so if you have a sophisticated system and fast internet connection then by all means go for it! Online purchases are limited to one item of style per person. So if your mate wants the same dress, they’ll have to use their own internet connection (don’t slow yours down!) and buy it themselves!

Helpful links:

You can look for your nearest UK store that stock it here.

Or if you’re in the US click here.

For all other countries, check out the store locator.

The official H&M x Balmain page.

Tune back in here for live updates on the que and waiting in the line, what the shop was like, and how the clothes are!

My Wish list:

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What’s on your wishlist? Will you be joining the virtual or in store waiting line? Let us know in the comments below!

5th Nov UPDATE

Tips on camping out:
– Get there a day or THREE before.
– Pack an essentials kit- be ready for any weather! You’ll need some food/hot drink, heat warmers, blanket and something to sit on.

Basically, get ready to go camping! Smash out your winter warmers and water proofs, it’ll get cold at night! And be prepared for all kinds of rain, a fold away camping chair will keep your butt off the cold/wet ground. I even spotted some one person tents around!
Some entertainment will help too even when your battery runs out! Obviously, pack the portable charger too!

#tweetsfromtheque H&M x Balmain collaboration due manchester market street waiting line
The line for people queuing for the H&M x Balmain collection in Manchester, Market Street. All of the people in front managed to get a wristband, however barely anyone managed to even get their hands on one piece of the collection! And the line kept growing too!

Que Gossip

So a lady and two of her kids are in the line already when I join it about 7am on the #hmbalmation morning, and she seems pretty nice chatting to everyone. Apparently she’s been to these events before and she’s a pretty seasoned veteran, mentioning the chaos of the previous Versace x H&M collaboration.

So it was all serene, and everyone was making general chatter to kill time. Then 10 mins before security and sales assistants come out to give out the wristbands, the family is no where to be seen. Until you get about ten people ahead of the line where her kids are, that she has excused herself from the que and then shoved¬†her way back into it using the excuse of ‘my kids are there, we’ve always been standing here!’ Sure you have(!) So everyone that she skipped over kicked off and complained, but she stood firm.

Although she managed to get into the group before us to get into the ladies wear collection, everyone that left to come back later for their time slot got nothing! Not even a peek!

UK queuing etiquette means you cannot shove, skip, or save spaces ‘for your friends’. You be there or be square! And the more organised and neater the line, the better!

All of the menswear was sold out in half an hour and the ladies wear soon followed right after. The most popular ‘Kendall Jacket’ was first to be snapped up, and only the bandeaus and some jewellery was left near the end for a brief moment.

The Kendall jacket H&M Balmain in the balmaination collection collaboration that everyone is going crazy over
The Kendall jacket that everyone loves styled with the over the knee boots from the same H&M x Balmain collection. Source

My experience:

So from my past experience the website is ALWAYS down when such collaborations go online, because the servers cannot handle the large amounts of traffic. Thousands of people are trying to get online and buy anything and everything. So by the time I managed to get onto the website after refreshing every opportunity,¬†I couldn’t even contain my excitement when I got an item into the basket and through check out. My hands were literally shaking and I was having an adrenaline rush just typing in my card details. I knew that your order is not set in stone until you have it fully checked out, so I didn’t even pause to hesitate after getting one item into my basket. I just went straight into purchasing it, because not even 5 mins later EVERYTHING was sold out and disappeared from the website. Even 2 hours in from the collection going online, over half of the whole collection was sold out! Although I didn’t manage to get my favourite ‘Kendall jacket’ (that’s now selling for twice its original price on eBay!) I hope my other favourite is on its way in the post! Even though some people have managed to secure their payments online, not everyone is guaranteed to receive their orders. Speaking to other veterans that have been previously disappointed about receiving an email about their order being out of stock AFTER¬†the store took their order and money, had to be refunded and were left double infuriated.

Things to think about future collaboration launches? If you really LOVE LOVE it then you go ahead and get comfy for a camp out the day before! If you’re in London, be prepared to start sooner! You need to be right at the front of the line or you’ll have no chance! I estimated that the exclusive collection stocks about 20 pieces of each item, and that’s including all the sizes. So, that’s roughly only 4 of each size!

And getting online? Still pretty impossible. So you’ll need a whole lot of luck on your side, and pray for a smooth check out. The high traffic notice always seems to pop up at the worst timings. So if you haven’t ¬†secured your payment, you will have lost all of your hard work!

I hope you enjoyed my #tweetsfromtheque during this #hmbalimation

What was your experience? Did you manage to grab anything?? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and in the comments below.

Nov 7th UPDATE

H&M x Balmain myths BUSTED

Myth 1) Size up, as the whole collections sizes are 1 – 2 sizes too small.

BUSTED: The sizes are H&M’s usual sizes, so if you usually fit in a size 6 in H&M’s usual clothes then it will probably fit you as normal!

Myth 2) Not everything was available in store/online.

BUSTED: The collection sold out so fast that not everyone managed to get/even see what they wanted. Although for some reason size 6s were not available on the website when I checked the night before on the official H&M x Balmain page, you was able to order through the normal website link if you managed to get online on the day.

Myth 3) There’s enough stock for all 420 wristbands.

BUSTED: Although there was rules in place, people got confused as to what they were allowed to purchase. You was allowed ONE ITEM OF EACH STYLE PER PERSON. Which means you was allowed to purchase the whole collection, just one of each t-shirt/jacket/dress etc. This means that if the people in the first few groups wanted the whole collection, there would not be enough stock for all other wristband holders.

This caused a lot of upset customers after people that had been waiting in line for a 11am wristband for over 4 hours and never got anything. H&M sales managers have emphasised¬†the exclusivity of the collection, and that they were never expecting so much interest. Although every effort has been made to make it geographically fair for everyone to get to a store, the limited stock makes that there’s no guarantee that you will get a single piece.

‘Till next time!


LIVE BLOGGING: H&M x Balmain the count down and obtaining my wish list

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