Cure a hangover

Okay so you have work the day after your crazy Halloween parties, it’s time to look more alive and fresh-faced! Here are some tips to ease away the hangover…


Hangover cure feel perky again for that important meeting or work the day after
Hangover cure – feel perky again for that important meeting or work the day after. photo credit: 1/52 The morning after… via photopin (license)

Beat that hangover: Start like your meaning to go on

So you’ve managed to stumble back into bed or a bed and you’re ready to sleep all of the drunkenness off. Wait. Grab a large glass of water and chug as much of it as you can. Rehydrating your body after all of the alcohol will lessen the pain of the headache in the morning. Electrolytes in drinks also hydrate the body a lot faster than plain water alone. There are even some rehydration medications and vitamin boosts like Berroca that’s pretty well-known for the preferred drink after a long night, but painkillers also work to numb the headache.

Rise and Shine

You feel terrible but your alarm is screaming at you to get up. Time to roll out of bed and into the bathroom. You’ll need to remove any alcoholic scents, so slump into the shower and crack open a fragrant shower gel to mask the smell. Make sure you remove any traces of make up and face paints with baby oil, any evidence of it will be a big give away!

Freshen the look

If you don’t have a papaya on hand to freshen you up inside and out (make it into a face mask or eat it for breakfast!) Then skip the heavy make up look today and go for a dewy, highlighted look. Boys, maybe a shaven look will save the day today.

Coffee and smile

Now beat that lack of sleep by picking up and coffee and acting like you’ve just woken up. Everyone will be none the wiser if you don’t let on that you’re slightly dying inside!

Do you have any hangover hurdling tips aside from not drinking in the first place? Let us know in the comments below!


Cure a hangover

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