Technology is not just for men!

I don’t normally blend my work and personal life together much, but as a woman in technology I like to encourage other ladies to see that this industry isn’t just full of burly old men on computers!

Technology and coding isn't just for men
What’s the first thing you imagine when you think of ‘coding’ and ‘technology’?

As a growing industry that’s predicted £1 billion in investments by the end of 2015 on wearable technology alone, all under the umbrella of the increasing interest in the development of technology. That includes coding, web design, and the like. The digital world is now, and EVERYONE is welcome to join in.

I remember coming from an all girls school, we were encouraged to choose the more ‘feminine’ subjects; making it difficult to study anything other than their recommended, and being force-fed a european language and the trio (Maths, English and Sciences) Which thankfully, has changed a lot since! Yes, having a science qualification degree is useful. It is three subjects after all! But you don’t need to be a science whiz to have a place in technology and innovation, it’s still constantly growing and new jobs are being made.

Some examples of women in technology:

Liz Hardwick is co-founder and trainer at North West based training company, DigiEnable. Liz (@tech_geek_girl) is a self-confessed geek and has a strong background in digital technology. She is an advocate for open source technologies, organises and attends a variety of geeky groups, and regularly speaks on Digital Technology and Women in Technology, at conferences across the UK.

Sophie Ashcroft  is a Digital Media Management Masters Degree student at Hyper Island. She’s previously attended a #StopTalkingStartDoing event and has a lot to say about improving diversity in technology.

Sarah O’Rourke is a Commercial Finance Manager based in Manchester and a huge supporter of #StopTalkingStartDoing. With plans to set up her own community group, Sarah is definitely one to watch in the future!

My mentor Michelle Hua (@madewithglove) is founder and director of MadeWithGlove a fashionable wearable technology start-up that’s creating fashionable heated gloves for women that suffer from cold hands. Website launching soon!

#StopTalkingStartDoing is a great event encouraging change, ran by the wonderful Dinal Limbachia @DinalLimbachia

“So what can you do to help?”

Simple things! Let’s be more open to the idea of working with technology. Helping you’re nan or mum with that thing on the laptop or her phone.

Barclays is doing a great Digital Eagles program to get kids involved.

Want to go that one step further? Integrate it into your local area and schools, let all the girls and women know that it’s not the most boring job in the world. We’re not looking at 0’s and 1’s on the screen all day! We are creating beautiful digital pieces of art and entrainment that you didn’t even realise!

Let’s get researching!


Technology is not just for men!

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