Writing your CV and looking for jobs

You hear people going on about the work climate and how it is ‘hard finding a job now days’, but by polishing off your curriculum vitae and tailoring it to what you’re applying for makes a big difference.

How to write a CV writing a Curriculum vitae for retail tips and tricks
Starting it can be challenging, but it’s just a hurdle to get over to get employed! So get writing!

For this blog I will tailor this to writing a CV for retail since it’s a pretty common job to work in a customer service role when you’re starting to write your first. And I also find that they are always employing new people in that sector (there’s a lot of shops out there!) Creative CVs and other roles may differ, but will have the same general layout.

Big yourself up

Think of anything and everything you have done related to fashion and communication. Make a list of everything you enjoy or interested about fashion, for example your favourite style, celebrities/icon dress sense, if you’ve had to deal with any customers before. If you haven’t worked in a customer facing role before then recall any good or bad customer service experiences, was there a time you received less than friendly customer service in a place? Make a note of everything that may help in writing your CV and in interviews. (A blog about what to do in an interview will be up next! #watchthisspace) Even having a few interests and hobbies will be great (don’t forget to include any awards and competitions, even runner up prizes) It shows how hardworking and dedicated you can be when given a goal.


You want to fit all the important key things onto the first page. Your CV may get pretty long as you gain more experience and employment, you don’t have to fit everything into a certain amount of pages regardless of what you’ve heard. But keeping everything trimmed down to the main points with the most important being the first thing they will read is something you need to bare in mind; you want to attract the employer to read on! Google some CV ideas and how other people have used a compact but clear layout and pick out the key components that you think will work. I think having some main points about yourself in bold near the top is a great idea, e.g. FASHION, STYLIST, COMMUNICATION could be along the top in the header to highlight some key facts about yourself. This will catch their eye.


Look at the requirements for the jobs you are applying for. They tend to mention similar things in the job description when describing the ideal candidate. They look for someone that’s interested in working for them. So if you think you’re good communicating and can make the sales, emphasise that. OR if you think you’re more of the fashion and stylist kind, then work with that. Employers like it when you show an interest in where you want to work as it shows commitment and a drive.

Spell Check

It’s off-putting when there are spelling mistakes and terrible grammar mistakes. Get someone to proofread it, or even read it back to you. The employer will be hesitant on getting back to you if you don’t know your i’s to your e’s! You want to be proud of your CV and take pride in it when you hand it out. Exude confidence when you’re handing your CV over!

Some great links:

indeed.co.uk – online job search that many employers and companies use.

monster.co.uk – another online job search website that has similar jobs to above.

prospects.ac.uk – has some example cvs and some helpful points.

LinkedIn – If you fill in everything you can link it to any online job applications and it will automatically pull out the relevant information. It’s the lazy way, so be warned that sometimes this isn’t the best way to di it!

Do you have any great tips or personal experiences to add? Let us know in the comments below! And as always subscribe and follow us in the social bar to the right to read more!

Good luck.


Writing your CV and looking for jobs

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