Anxiety- it’s a bitch too

Anxiety makes you self doubt, and worry excessively about the future.

anxiety, depression and mental health and disorders
It comes hand in hand with depression, they’re like terrible sisters.

What’s the difference between anxiety and depression?

Anxiety tends to lead to depression. It is the initial thoughts and worries about what the future will hold, and then depression is when you reach the point that you KNOW the future is bad.

It’s healthy to have a certain degree of cautiousness when you’re going about your daily life, it makes you human and aware of your surroundings and relationships with people. But if you’re being restricted by thoughts and worries about what might happen and ‘what ifs’ then talk to someone about it. No one should be so worried about the future that it causes health issues such as heart attacks and panic attacks.

Telling someone that suffers from chronic anxiety to ‘stop worrying about the future’ is harder for them than you think, because they CAN’T stop thinking about it. But generally, people tend to be able to cope better when can learn to tackle the initial stages before it happens.

Understandably some people may feel that some of their symptoms are not ‘sever’ enough to seek professional help, or to even talk about it to anyone. They even assume that all medial professionals will simply ignore them and prescribe anti-depressants. But there are professionals trained in cognitive behavioural treatment and anxiety disorders, so you can ask for a referral.

Never let it stop you from social situations, your career or even planning for the future!

Useful links:

Anxiety coach – all you need to know, the different types, the differences and symptoms & treatments by Dr. David Carbonell

NHS website – Generalised Anxiety in Adults

Mind website – friendly website and even has a podcast!

Think happy!


Anxiety- it’s a bitch too

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