Back to school – Starting high school & how to be cool

So it’s time to go back to the place that you probably think is the bane of your life at the moment, or you could really love school. Here’s a few tips and tricks to settle yourself into big school.

Chalkboard Back to school
Back to the place where people write incomprehensible things on walls.

Looking back starting a new school is daunting, but everyone is in the same boat. So point one:

  • Make friends – I’m still in contact with friends that I met in primary school. Friends are valuable and give you support to keep you sane through life. You don’t need millions of them, you just need ones that will stand by your side when you going gets tough. There’s no time to waste on fickle people who always let you down, so pick your friends wisely.

It’s boring but your future self will thank you for it:

  • Think about your future career: Don’t just limit yourself to what your careers advisor and teachers tell you. I learnt that school will give you the basis to build upon for a job that is yet to exist. If you can imagine it, you can be it. If you’re FASCINATED with ‘scientists’ that create amazing hover boards and technology, then work hard at sciences and maths. It’s never too early to research your career and plan for the future. Have a scroll through the UCAS website at courses that interest you and work towards it. Just be more aware of the jobs available and the people who work behind the scenes to make things work, would you like a job there?

Ultimately, have fun. Not fitting in with the ‘cool kids’ is okay, you don’t have to do stupid things to fit into a crowd that you don’t feel comfortable in.

And more importantly, if you haven’t already. Get your stationery necessities! Even big kids benefit from an annual fresh set! It puts a smile on your face and arms you to tackle any work that needs doing.

Staples deals
Staples amazing deals. Back to school essentials from as little as 74p! They even sell school uniform from £1.40 for plimsols!


Tescos super back to school deals uniform
Tescos super school wear may not give you special powers but they’re at super prices with a super boosted club card points deal available for a limited time only!

Most schools have a zero tolerance towards bullying. So if you think you’re being bullied, you do NOT deserve it. Stand up for yourself and rise above the bullies! For more information on how to deal with bullies and advice for parents check out

What would you tell your 11 year old self?

School is cool.


Back to school – Starting high school & how to be cool

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