The Importance of Alterations

Finding things that fit can be a nightmare. When one size doesn’t fit all, there’s a few things you can do to make it fit like a glove! Here’s a quick guide to tailoring your trousers, with an easy alterations step by step guide.

From this:

Alterations pants how to
The before length on the left, and folded up on the right.

Let’s face it, if you’re folding up your pants, it all scrunches and looks terrible after walking around in it for a few minutes.

To this: (depending on where you want the hem to be)

Alterations pants how to
After alterations

How to Video:


Step by step alterations instructions:

1. Start by giving your trousers a good press. The less creases you have at the beginning the easier it will be to get a nice straight hem.

Alterations pants how to
Always start by ironing any creases out.

2. Measure out where you want the hem to be when you have it on. Get someone to help so you aren’t bending down and getting an in accurate measurement. The iron in the fold where you’ve marked and measure up two seam allowances that you will be folding up, this is approximately 3cm (1.5cm  x 2).

Alterations pants how to
Measure two folds of seam allowance.

3. Cut off the excess and turn your trousers inside out.

Alterations pants how to
I snip the inner seam to create less bulk where possible.

4. Fold up once, iron, and repeat once more.

Alterations pants how to
Trim off all excess and fold.

5. Once you’ve turned them up twice and they’re at the correct length, pin to secure for sewing. I like to pin to match the seams up on either side, and then pin an inch apart in between.

Alterations pants how to
Pin at the seams and then in effective intervals.

6. Sew near the upper edge to create the new hem line. Take it slowly going over the seams as the thickness of the fabric is predominately more. I even like to manually turn the machine going over the seams.

Alterations pants how to
Stitch to create the new hem.

7. Finally, cut off any lose threads and give it one finishing press.

Alterations pants how to
Tidy up any lose threads and give it a finishing press.

This works best on jeggins and thin-ish pants that have a workable amount of stretch. If you want to work with thicker fabrics such as jeans, make sure the machine foot and needle is appropriate (you need a robust needle to pierce through the fabric). For leggings, you can follow this guide, however I would recommend an overlocker to compliment the stretch of the jersey fabric.

Sew happy!


The Importance of Alterations

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