Why you should travel after graduation

Congratulations you’ve graduated! Now it’s all down hill from here when you don’t know what to do, here’s how to avoid going crazy out of your mind…

Why you should travel after graduation
Grab a couple of friends, or do it on your own. Let’s travel!

If you’re one of the lucky few that has everything planned out and sorted with a job and the lot, then well done! You go and do what you want to do! But if you’re stuck with more questions and doubts than you had before university, then don’t panic. There are thousands of other graduates in the same boat as you!

Here’s some suggestions:

  • Take up a placement/internship, getting more experience under your belt is a great way to get your foot in through the door. And right now, anything is going to look good on your CV!
  • Volunteer at a local charity, or even better abroad. You learn so much about other cultures and realise how privileged you are.
  • Travel to 6 other countries to see the world. It’s cliché but you can learn a lot about your self when you learn more about others.

Sta Travel do amazing Round The World trips that you can pop down a £49* deposit for, and visit lots of culturally diverse places that you can soak up like a sponge. A lot of my friends have used them, and are highly recommended. So just nip into the place and talk to some friendly agents that will hook you up with a holiday of a graduate life time.

Thomas Cook do some pretty neat deals and all inclusive holidays if you’re on a budget. They’ve had some backlash in the press, but they still do a great job. Hey, they’re learning! You can even double-check that you won’t be left out-of-pocket if anything as crazy as an act of God to ruin your holiday. £388* pp for 7 nights in the Canary Islands is a steal!

Or are you a super scrimper and want to book everything yourself for europe? Check out flights from as cheap as £19* (before tax) at Ryanair with edreams.com.

Want to splurge for the comfort? emirates.com is the epitome of luxury travel at a decent price tag. Hop on to business class to live life like a prince for just £362* to Dubai!

Whatever your fancy, go and explore. You’ve sent out what seems like millions of job applications, and they all seem to be just throwing them back in your face. Don’t let this get you down, all the other graduates in the world are doing the exact same thing!

And never let anyone stop you from flying alone. It’s a 16 hour flight, no biggie!

Travel happy.


*Prices on 11/8/15. Due to the nature of flight prices fluctuations, this may change.
Why you should travel after graduation

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