Purple circle lenses and crying over food

What can I say, I’m a foodie and a beauty addict.

Fairy 1 Day Princess Violet by
Sincere Vision

I love daily lenses as you can just chuck them after and not worry about being sanitary with soaking lenses for the next day. You do, as always, have to exercise caution when putting anything in or near you eyes. Follow your opticians directions, and always have clean hands when handling lenses.

Check out my how to care for circle lenses for tips.

I never have too much of a problem with circle lenses, their comfort is pretty good but I tend to go for the more natural looking ones now. As long as you wear them up to the maximum of 6 hours, you shouldn’t feel any dryness as long as your eyes are suitable. If anything, the colouring around the iris can sometimes get in the way of your vision, if this happens I’d try a different brand until you find one that fits you. As I have naturally dark brown eyes, the colour of the lenses are not too noticeable. But I like the subtle colour that you can see flashes of in harsher lighting.

These lenses were kindly from eyesio.com. What’s different about their website is that they have a rewards scheme where you can collect points to redeem lenses. You sign up and receive 200 points, this already means you can redeem 4 pairs for free, and then collect more points by snapping a photo of yourself in them and sharing in their gallery! There’s a limited choice as the website is reasonably new, but you also get free express shipping when you spend over £40. So you can receive those lenses in due time!

As you already may now I like to enjoy my food, so most of the time I like to cook from scratch. But one of the goals in my life is to try some REAL italian food and try my hand at making pasta from scratch.

Check out my italian ‘cooking’ in my vlog below. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA1mV6pm_JY)

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Have you ever tried circle lenses or visited Italy? Let me know in the comments below!

Feel pretty.


Purple circle lenses and crying over food

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