I am beautiful – Does loving yourself make you a bitch?

This video caught my eye and I thought it was an appropriate part two to Empowering women and project #loveyourfreckles

So now that society is basically assuming ALL women ‘don’t know their beautiful’ and that we all have body issues, but what about the people that aren’t? What if they KNOW they’re beautiful? Does that make them a bitch/stuck up/over confident?

This video explains it so well, she says it plainly and puts it in your face. She doesn’t have insecurities, she loves the way she looks, so stop telling her she has to be self conscious to be a girl.

I personally love poetry, especially the rhymes and rhythms. If you’ve never been to a poetry night, then look for one locally on Eventbrite and do it. It sounds a lot less boring than you think! In fact it can be quite empowering or dark. Even poetry workshops can be pretty interesting. The most recent one being a gathering of a variety of ages and writers, so there was a big range of styles of writing and wasn’t limited to just poetry. In fact a lovely lady in her 50s wrote about underwear!

So the bottom line is, if you love yourself then good for you. Don’t let society dictate how you should behave.

You’re beautiful.