Mango and Chia seed pudding

I tried out Indulgexplore mango and chia seed pudding recipe and had it as a filling breakfast! Here’s how it all panned out:

It was my first time trying chia seeds and it was pretty pleasant. I liked the crunchy texture it added to the pudding, and although it didn’t have much of a taste, it was like the healthy alternatives to hundreds and thousands.

Chia Bia 100 Natural Whole Chia Seed
Chia Bia 100 Natural Whole Chia Seed

There’s great nutrients packed into this tiny dessert, here’s some fun facts:

Chia seeds are a reasonably new ‘super food‘ that’s trending, so the heath benefits are yet to be fully explored. They can be incorporated into your meals by sprinkling over cereal, yogurt, smoothie, energy bar, bread, and into hot water to make a tea. They are rich in lots of vitamins B vitamins thiamine niacin calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc which is making them so popular. After soaking them, they produce a gel like substance that can be used to substitute egg and oil in cakes.

I did find a slight ‘warning’ on the package and was told that it is a novel food and no more than 15g should be consumed a day. I also heard it should not be consumed raw, as the nutrients need to be soaked out for your body to process.

Mango has around 44% and 11% of your RDA vitamin C and folate – although high in sugar, it’s has a fantastic taste.

The oats contain a great source of fibre, so that’s why it fills you up for longer, compared to filling up with carbohydrates instead.

Eat happy!


Mango and Chia seed pudding

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