Why I really left Youtube

So I explained briefly on my vlog why I left Youtube for three years, but here’s the real reason why…

So the standard ‘I wanted to focus on my studies’ was one reason, but also it was because I was going through such a new experience and part of my life I wouldn’t even know where to start!

Leaving home to starting university in a completely new place is daunting, but it’s a great experience! You get all the independence you’ve ever wanted, but you also have to deal with time management and finances. Read my University Life Guide for some tips if you’re starting university in September.

But I was also going through my first ever break up at the time. Unknown to this alien experience, I learnt to cope with it in my own way; by starting afresh.

I also felt like a was pushing myself to be someone I wasn’t and perfecting at something I wasn’t enjoying. When you make videos as a Youtuber you need to love what you do, that’s one step to success. Your viewers will feel it when you’re forcing things. You need to connect with your audience and get feedback on what they want. Do they want you to do a trending hashtags video? Then do it! All in your own way and in your own comfort.

Never sell out. If you’re pushing products into peoples faces, people are going to go else ware.

Whether you chose Youtube as a personal documentation for your projects or as a hobby, make sure you enjoy it!

Happy vlogging!


Why I really left Youtube

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