Depression – it’s a bitch

Depression is brutal, and once she gets your claws into you, it’s hard to  shake her off.

Depression, when your mental heath is a first concern
Depression, when your mental heath is a first concern.

Depression is like a darkness that engulfs you and you keep sinking further and further into it. Sometimes the angel on your shoulder or inner voice would be screaming at you making attempts to slap you out of it, or bargaining with you; but it all just falls on deaf ears. Soon the feeling completely surrounds you everywhere you go and you’re stuck in this dark bubble of sadness.

Realising your having an episode is the first steps in the right direction. No one should ever feel helpless, lonely, or insecure to the point where they are self-destructive. I’d encourage you to talk to someone, be it a friend that you haven’t contacted in a while for a catch up, or a close family/friend, or even a help line.

You don’t have to tell someone straight away ‘I’m depressed and having an episode’ as you probably won’t feel like that, but you should be able to talk to someone to maybe redirect your thoughts. Then take slow steps to bring yourself out of that hole.

Depression is quite common and affects about one in 10 of us at some point. It affects men and women, young and old. It’s something you can’t just ‘snap out of’ or ‘cheer up’.

Do you suffer from depression? How do you deal with it? are an amazing charity for mental health, check them out if you have any more questions or would like someone to chat to.

More useful links:

NHS – Depression and Symptoms

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You’re not alone.


Depression – it’s a bitch

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