Vlog – bedroom tour

The much-anticipated and most requested video, a room tour. Part 2 of my first vlog. Subscribe to get notified for the next one!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_ageKafnm4

I had many requests for a room tour, and now you have it! I’m still in the process making everything themed, but as this one is still my bedroom from my childhood there’s a lot of work that needs doing! You might even spot a few old backgrounds from previous videos and selfies.

So products seen:

Muji acrylic storage shelves Similar from Aliexpress.com

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume (save up to 70%)

Thierry Mugler Angel Limited Edition 

Scroll Cheval Freestanding Mirror – White. (save 25%)

Black suade storage box

Ikea PAX wardrobe

Or if you’ve missed the first one check it out  First Vlog – Vlogs are weird and why I left Youtube. You can’t miss out on my cool new intro! And you can see how awkward it is to talk to a camera, with lots of pauses ‘rem’s that have ben edited out but I also get unclose and personal and about why I left Youtube for so long.

I think I’ve established a fortnightly video upload. Although vlogs may vary as to how busy I am and if I do anything interesting.

Part 3 will be up soon, so don’t forget to subscribe!


Vlog – bedroom tour

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