Debate: #stopYulin2015 The Yulin dog festival

There are celebrities, movies stars and news coverage of this dog and cat slaughtering festival, however what’s it all about??

Yulin, Guangxi. China. Google maps
Yulin, Guangxi. China. Image from Google maps

It has been celebrated for 600 years by the locals in this remote city, and on the June 21 this year, for the arrival of hotter days.

“According to Chinese lore, eating dog meat stimulates internal heat, making it a food that wards off winters’ cold. But on this inaugural day of summer, it’s a superstition that’s driving dog consumption: the meat is believed to bring good luck and health. At the festival, hotpots are fired up, lychees peeled and liquors poured. Animal activists estimate over 10,000 dogs are killed for the festival, according to China Daily, the government’s English-language mouthpiece.” –

Why has it gotten so much attention?

Prolific people such as Sun Li, Ricky Gervais and animal activists have been protesting against it with the hashtag #stopYulin2015

Why are there no laws against this?

There are currently no animal protection laws in China that are reinforced like in the UK, however there are proposed laws that are still awaiting a signature.

But why should people stop a tradition and celebrated festival? If people protested against an alternative festival of a different culture, there may be a completely different reception. It’s currently the norm for the residents of Yulin to have pets to guard the house, and then is eaten after their duty is done. However, it’s the images of the cruelty that the animals are going through. You may have scrolled across the horrific images already if you have been on social media recently, of the caged, battered, wounded and skinned cats and dogs. There has been numerous amounts of people trying to save as many of them as possible, however it seems there are still many cases of animal cruelty happening.

What not to do:

  • Do not generalise it to all asians or Chinese people, this is specific to the people who have been brought up to eat these meats as a norm. Thus people outside of Yulin, such as Hong Kong and Asians around the rest of the world probably love their pets more than anything.
  • Don’t just focus on the consumption of dog or cat meat, this opens up a whole debate of vegetarianism, we’re talking about the animal cruelty here! The pets have been stolen and abused in horrible ways.
  • Don’t point the finger at each other, unite and be one to stop animal cruelty because they are unable to defend themselves.

So give your dog/cat an extra big cuddle tonight and sign the petition on

Paws unite.


Debate: #stopYulin2015 The Yulin dog festival

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