The freckle revolution – project #loveyourfreckles

I’ve had a long battle with my freckles. But now it’s time to love them!

Rinniboo natural freckles #loveyourfreckles
Don’t fight the freckles, embrace them! #selfie

It felt like I had developed freckles over night. I vaguely remember in primary school when I was around 10 years old when it all started. After getting my first real mahogany tan from running around the playground in the lovely summer sun when I developed my freckles on my cheeks. What started with a small sprinkling across the tops of the cheeks just worsened after the lack of a rigorous sun lotion routine.

Here are some freckle facts:

  • It is a result of ‘skin damage’ – instead of burning and damaging your DNA, it’s your body’s way of producing melanin as a form of body defence against certain UVA and UVB lights from the sun.
  • No ‘sun damage serum’ or ‘cream’ will get rid of them. – in fact the only way to reduce the appearance is probably a skin peel.

So it isn’t a bad thing, it’s just your skin being awesome!

Kendall Jenner and her freckles she #loveyourfreckles
Even Kendall Jenner herself has them!

So after years of layering upon layers of foundation on to mask them, I’ve taken a stand. Time to go foundation free. Don’t get me wrong I still love a good polished foundation look, and I still wear some eye make up with a bare face every now and again. But heck does a foundation free face feel good!

Join me in my quest to #loveyourfreckles and tag them in your Instagrams and social media posts! I’d love to see them all.

Don’t forget to always use SPF all year round!



The freckle revolution – project #loveyourfreckles

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