A flat stomach in a week?! 

Ever seen an ad like this flashing around about the new food to eat or diet pill?  The question is, do they really work?

Slimming down is a lifestyle change and a long commitment. You can lose a lot of weight through various ways, but to keep it off you need to maintain the health and exercise.

If you find it hard to gather the motivation, hire a personal trainer to start you off. You pay them to keep you on the strict and narrow, fitness routines, and nutritional advice. Each trainer has their own ways of going about kick your ass into shape, so quiz them about it and see if it clicks.

“But personal trainers are expensive”

If you’re paying for a gym membership, work out how much of it you actually make use of. Are you better off getting a trainer? If you’re getting what you pay for then great! You’re already doing a good job so far, keep it up.

Motivation and wanting to progress also needs to come from YOU. You’re paying for a service, and you have to utilise that. Don’t think ‘only two more weeks of this diet and running, and I can sit back on the couch and eat 10 bars of chocolate’ Think ‘this is new beginnings’ of great health and the older you will thank you for it. You’ll soon stop craving the oversized portions of fast-food and sugars, and enjoy foods in smaller portions.

Realistic goals are key. You are not going to lose a stone in a week in a healthy way!

Ultimately, love what you do. Keeping fit and healthy should be something you enjoy. If that means keeping your exercise interesting by switching up your classes, then do it! Vice versa with food, there are a lot to try out there!

Eat happy!


A flat stomach in a week?! 

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