Tips for Travelling – what to pack

I wouldn’t say I’m a well seasoned traveller but I have been to quite a few places around the globe. Here’s a few handy tips that I’ve picked up so far.

Flying over London aerial view
Flying over London.

So you’ve booked your flights and accommodation, but what do you need to pack??

You’ll have to figure out what kind of accommodation you have first. If you’re planning on swishing around in a 5+ star hotel, then fear not, they will most probably have all the necessities when you’re there. Going to a family’s house? Call them up and check what you’ll need to bring/leave, you won’t need to cram your bath towels in if they already have a closet full. But if you’re going to a self catered/half board, you may need to work out between you what to bring.

  • A kettle – If it’s a kind of accommodation that isn’t going to supply you with this then, bring a miniature one and get boiling for those fruit tea infusions and late night pot noodles that you’re packing too.
  • Hair drier/straighteners/curling tongs – you probably only need one of each to share amongst 3-4 of you girls, especially if it’s a hot place and you can afford to leave your hair to air dry.
  • Research the type of sanitary toiletries available – If you’re a tampon kinda gal you could probably bring a box incase it’s an emergency, saves running to every shop in an unfamiliar place.
  • Laundry bag – it’s pretty handy to have a foldable designated bag for dirty laundry to keep it apart from your clean clothes, then you can whip it out and ready for the launderettes without the shame of lugging a pile of dirty underwear through the corridors.
  • Electrical conversions – You’ll need to find out what kind of plug sockets you need, bring one convertor and an extension so you can plug a few things into on socket.
  • Luggage scale – if you’re going on a shopping holiday having one of these is handy to avoid extra costs when you get to the weigh in at the airport. If you’re the kind of person that always goes over, then pack a spare bag that you can put over spill in and arrange for an extra bag payment before hand.
  • Don’t forget your passport, currency, tickets, and a phone!

I find packing early always makes things less stressful, be wary of how much weight you can lug around. If you can’t carry more than 25kg then don’t make it heavier than 25kg!

More travelling tips coming soon!

Pack happy.


Tips for Travelling – what to pack

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