Sex and Religion

Couples and Relationships
When to knock boots with each other?

Being ‘pure’ until marriage is a thing in some religions.

Sometimes you get all caught up in the moment and all lust all over before it all wears off, and you both get bored of each other. I’m not saying sex before marriage shouldn’t happen ever. it’s just a more logical thing to live by if you can wait until you’re married. The three classic ones:

  • ‘But everyone in high school as lost their virginity!’ High schoolers lie. Join them by implying ‘yes, I have lost my virginity. It didn’t last very long, and was very awkward’ Done. If they want to bully you for it then maybe you need to question who are your real friends.
  • ‘But I love him’ Does he love you enough to want to spend the rest of his life with you?
  • And for the people that tell you ‘you’re too young’ everyones mental maturity is different. If you think you’re mature enough to make you’re own life decisions and live with them for the rest of your life, then so be it.

But for the love of God, if you’re not ready for a child then please practice safe sex.

See my Contraception and Safe Sex post coming later today.

Stay tuned.


Sex and Religion

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