Safe sex and contraception

Contraception and the options
There are so many options, but which one should you use?

What is safe sex? It’s more than just preventing the spread of germs.

Educate yourself on how and when to use a condom. You laugh, but incorrectly worn condoms are pretty ineffective. If you’re a know-it-all about STIs then good for you, if not then read up about them here. Genital warts can be transmitted through skin on skin contact, this is even before penetration. So make sure his junk is wrapped!

Now days you can get free mail order chlamydia, gonorrhea or even HIV do at home tests in some parts of the UK, to make testing more confidential and easier. Check if they post to your area here.

There are a lot of female contraceptives available free from your GP to choose from, they don’t prevent STIs (only condoms do that) but here’s a quick round up…

  • The coil is the most effective with 99% protection against unwanted pregnancies – unsure about stuff going up there? Read on…
  • The implant is a quick nick in the arm and you don’t have to worry about taking the pill at the same time everyday (most effective way to use the oral contraceptive)
  • Which brings me onto the oral contraceptive, the most popular form in a tiny pill commonly only a few millimetres in diameter. It’s to be taken once a day.

Generally all contraceptives contain hormones that take a while to get into the system (around 3 days) to become effective, and then is entirely reversible once removed/stopped.

If you would like more advice on any of the subjects today, contact a professional i.e. your GP/nurse/sexual health clinic.

I like to think I’m the cool aunt.


Safe sex and contraception

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