Make up and your life

Make up and tips
Make up and make up artistry.

People naturally like to comment on your job choices, whether it be for general chatter or genuine interests. Here’s what I think when people come up the remark of ‘Oh! You should do my make up! (I haven’t a clue how to do my own)’

My initial response: ‘DO IT YOUR SELF!’ No, I jokes. It’s actually quite flattering, they’re complementing me that my make up is actually working for me. It’s a good thing. But deep down I do just want to say ‘girl/boy, do your own!’ Why? Because only you know what works best for yourself!

Now, I’m not telling everyone to go off and never ask for advice. I’m saying experiment, and see what works for yourself. I have my make up a certain way to accentuate what I want and define the areas that I like, this might not be the same for yourself of the next girl you see. So by practising on your own face, you can really master the art of applying make up to your own face. Create that beautiful masterpiece how you like it!

So go and get experimenting, because practise makes perfect!

Good luck.


Make up and your life

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