Is the perception of women beyond repair?

Sometimes only surgery can attain this perfect perception of women's beauty

We all want to be the Kardashians with their huge lips and butts, or skinny like a Victoria’s Secret model. But why?

The race is on to get the Kylie Jenner lips with the #kyliejennerchallenge and people still question if Kim’s butt really isn’t the result of silicone implants. But why do we all want to be this unattainable shape of skinny with big curves all in the right places.

Is it the males skewered perception of women from clean shaven and big breasted porn stars pressuring us into all of this?

Looking back at history women have always been more desirable in a certain way. Look at the foot binding in China to keep feet petite, or the pale faces of the Elizabethan era that destroyed the skin. We would go to many lengths to conform to the current perception of beauty, even if it means following a fad diet, or even going under the knife to permanently change the way our bodies look.

I think we should all hold up and love our healthy bodies as they are, like Meghan Trainor says.

So my challenge is #lipoverlinechallenge I want to see how many practices you take to get the perfect over line pout! Leave them all in a comment below. Check out how plump you can make them with just lip liner here.

Is the perception of women beyond repair?

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