Debate:THAT Instagram photo by Rupi Kaur

period. by Rupi Kaur the actions of Instagram that caused an online war between feminists and the rest.
period. by Rupi Kaur

As artists we aim to provoke a response from our audience, and Rupi Kaur is doing it well.

Rupi Kaur shot a series of photos highlighting the everyday lives of women having their period, and the occasional mishaps of the leak and dribs. Kaur originally done it as an experiment, looking to see if she would get the response she was looking for. And she got it. Instagram took down her photos with the reason being that it didn’t follow the community guidelines. So she took to tumblr and the internet exploded. There was a varied response as the reach of the photo grew, and her reason for her project became distorted and focused on this one image.

“I thought she shat herself at first”

Others supported and cheered that she was raising awareness about a taboo subject,

Some pointed out that it is taboo for a reason “We don’t want to know about it!”

Most of us was made aware that in some parts of the world shame the female gender, and see them and ‘dirty’ and ‘sick’ when they are menstruating.

Ultimately she was making us aware of how controlling censorship and large companies can be.

” This just goes to show who is sitting behind the desk. And whose controlling the show. Whose controlling the media and who is censoring us. ”

After the overwhelming response, Instgram restored the two photos and apologised.

“you made a giant see that it is only a giant cause you are part of it’s existence.”

Their patriarchy is leaking.

Their misogyny is leaking.

We will not be censored.


Debate:THAT Instagram photo by Rupi Kaur

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