Informal Natter:Celebrity Endorsed Products

TOWIE advertising Cocowhite
TOWIE advertising Cocowhite

Now, I don’t have a problem with people sharing their love of a new product they have recently discovered, I do it myself. However, what niggles me the most is when that product is wrongly advertised and pay numerous celebrities just to grow their sales.

So let’s strip this down…

Oil pulling is an age-old thing that’s been around for decades. And from what I have gathered from my research, it’s basically using oil as a mouth wash. Note: MOUTHWASH and not a ‘natural way to WHITEN teeth’ So by using this method you’re removing toxins from your mouth to promote oral heath, which may lead to brighter pearly whites.

The only way to get proper results is by whitening teeth with prescribed peroxide, that you can only get from dentists. Like anything else; lightening hair with hair bleach, or your skin with whitening products that contain small doses of a type of peroxide.

Moral: Before you start buying into the hype, do a bit of your own research.

My guilty pleasure is still watching Made In Chelsea.


Informal Natter:Celebrity Endorsed Products

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