Exercise – Extend your life, sleep better, and better skin?

Sound like your perfect anti ageing cream and miracle elixir all mixed into one? Well it’s easier to obtain than you think… EXERCISE!

We all hate it when there’s no motivation, but it’s more than just weight loss or a hobby. 10 mins of jogging or yoga a day really helps your body get the kick it needs to get going. I find that if I don’t have time to do a 30 min run and 40 min workout after it, I’ll do a quick 30 min exercise version; 10 min run around the block and a quick 20 min gentle workout to get my heart rate up.

Previously, I would have months where I will have nothing to do, and just sit around time after time. I really feel the benefits of getting up off my ass and getting the heart rate going. It helps with my sleep, mood and feeling overall better about my body. Team that with a healthy diet and I’m bopping about day-to-day!

So the next time you’re thinking you can’t be bothered to nip to the gym. Break it down and make it easier for yourself, so you’ll WANT to do something active; go local and have a quick jog just outside, or whack on a 20 min beginner yoga session on the laptop for a change, and I will guarantee you’ll feel a lot more relaxed after it.

Here’s some of my tried and tested favourites:

  • 20 min yoga for complete beginners here. – you don’t need anything fancy, just yourself.
  • 30 min Beginner yoga for back pain here. – great for the everyday bad posture causing back pain.
  • Need that motivational music going in the background? Download Spotify here. – easy ‘running’ playlists ready for you to hit play.
  • Going for a run? Get this app going first! Download Nike+ here. – see how far you’ve ran and how many calories you’ve burned.
  • And don’t forget to rehydrate throughout the day with a handy fruit infuser water bottle here. – forget the pressure of the 8 glass a day rule, just keep this topped up by your side!

Live, laugh and love.


Exercise – Extend your life, sleep better, and better skin?

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