Animal Poaching and Hunting

Kenyan game rangers with the carcass of an elephant killed by poachers

Recently a lady by the name Kendall Jones, has been the target for criticism as she enjoys hunting endangered species as her favourite pastime. The hobby stemmed from her farther’s love of hunting animals, and took her on her first trip aged just 9. Read about it here.

Kendall Jones posing with a fresh kill.

On the flip side there’s Kinessa Johnson working through VETPAW (Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife) hunting the animal poachers. Trained by the US Army she is equipped to detain illegal poachers. Read about that here.

Kinessa Johnson suited and booted

Yes, killing endangered animals is bad. I’m an avid pro animal lover, but let’s all stop and think for a moment. These people killing the animals have money on the mind, but the people training to ‘detain’ these people are HUNTING them with a gun that essentially implies that they mean to kill another human being; they are fully equip with the intention to shoot and kill a person that intends to kill an animal they are protecting.

I can see where Kendall Jones is coming from, she has great passion for something. Which is great, however her choice of animals doesn’t exactly make everyone jump for joy. Hunting in the UK is quite a hush subject with a lot of restrictions, but it is still a living tradition to this day.

So what I am wondering is.. where’s the moral here? How far are people going to go on this?

Animal Poaching and Hunting

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