University Life

The cap throw.

I studied in university for three years and loved every moment of it.

But for the people who hasn’t been to university, and is thinking of going. Here’s your Life in University Guide… to be taken literally or not.. it is just my opinion after all.

First things first, I wouldn’t even begin to consider university unless you seriously want to or need a degree in Pyrotechnics or Viking Studies or anything you’re thinking of studying. Because, thank you Cameron, the tuition fees are ÂŁ9,000 a year. So seriously consider if you want to be in 30 years of debt before you start delving into a university ‘because you want to experience student life’.

Don’t get me wrong, independence, friends, and student loans to blow on alcohol for a few years is a whole lot of fun! But like the good old saying says ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ You can’t blow that lump sum of money in one day on a designer bag. You need to scrimp every penny to last you until your next little pay-day, which most definitely DOES NOT feel like it’s around the corner when you have accommodation to pay for, that next lot of shopping, AND FOOD? Yes, you have to cook for yourself now, but instant noodles has your back. So if you haven’t been in a kitchen before in your life, at least learn how to add boiling water to a lump of dried noodles and you’re sorted.

Next is mastering your Work hard Play hard balance. It’s difficult when you can’t predict what your tutors will throw at you, but it will most definitely be enough to fill up every working day of the academic year. Get this sussed out, and then you can party until the sun comes up… and probably until it goes back down again. Everybody hates writing 6,000 word blocks of text, but the tutors have to mark them all, so bare that in mind type like a raging bull. So when you’ve got all the work out of the way, it’s a load off your mind.

Laundry. Mum.

Lastly, be social. You’re surrounded by like-minded people who are around the same age as you, it’s literally a pool of potential friends that can give you a great balance between the good and the bad aspects of uni life. You never know, you could meet your next soul mate, and you could do with a friend like that.

So YOLO away and I’ll leave you to figure the rest out for yourself, it is your life after all.

Your friendly bear,


University Life

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